Tag Suggestions & Questionnaire

This release introduces a new feature that allows you to add tags to answers in the Questionnaire module. This will help you categorize and filter answers more easily and improve your product recommender.

Salesforce Apex API Client

You can now easily integrate your Salesforce Service Cloud account with the Salesforce Service Cloud module. With the new mode "API request", you can retrieve and/or send data from your Salesforce account on the fly. In addition, you can now use Oauth authorization to easily connect to your Salesforce account.

JSON Validation

We have also released a new JSON validation feature that allows you to validate your JSON code. You can find it in the API client module and in the Salesforce Service Cloud module under Payload.

New Sources API

This release adds a new API that allows you to add sources to be used by GPT. The API can be used to add websites as sources or to upload files such as PDFs. You can use the API to automatically remove or add sources. This allows you to keep your sources up to date without manual intervention.

New Articles Module

The new articles module allows you to display selected articles directly in the chat flow. This allows you to highlight certain articles e.g. as an FAQ or to provide an overview over the topics you cover.

Linking directly to articles

Additionally, you can now link directly to articles from the chat flow. This is implemented in a new link selector that can be used in any text field.

LoyJoy Backend Improvements

  • When uploading images, you can now zoom out to e.g. fit a portrait image into a landscape aspect ratio
  • You can switch between sorting by name and sorting by date in the list of experiences

LoyJoyGPT 2.0

This release completely overhauls the GPT integration in LoyJoy. There are new GPT modules such as the GPT follow-up question, GPT Prompt, GPT Smalltalk, and GPT Gateway. The previous GPT integration can be found in the GPT Knowledge module. The new GPT modules are more powerful and flexible than the previous integration and allow you to create more complex and dynamic conversations.