Reimagine your customer relations and move communications into chat

Personal communication has already shifted into chat. LoyJoy puts your brands into the conversation with customers through gamified chatbot experiences.

Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

From proposal to claim process, chat simplifies and strengthens your customer relationships

Chat is self-explanatory and entertaining for your customers. It’s a completely new experience of insurance. See it for yourself in our demo video built on the LoyJoy BPMN process engine.

Key features for insurance brands

BPMN process engine

Move your existing BPMN models into the LoyJoy platform or use our editor to create conversational experiences on the fly.

Integrate with existing systems

Our RESTful API connects to your existing system landscape. Our team is experiences in working with legacy systems as well.

Works across channels

The LoyJoy chat can be published on any website, web portal, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more.

Get running fast

With LoyJoy you don’t start from scratch. Use our pre-existing process models or upload existing BPMN models that can be easily modified to create a chatbot experience.

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