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Our Partners Ensure Your LoyJoy Success

Our hand-picked partners bring the necessary industry expertise and extensive experience to your LoyJoy project. We are expanding our network of partners step by step.


zeb is a leading strategy, management, and IT consultancy for the financial services industry in Europe. They tackle challenges from changing industry dynamics and new regulations. As a LoyJoy partner, zeb implements LoyJoy's solutions to enhance transformation and adaptation processes in the industry.


Trianel is a cooperative of municipal utilities driving the decentralization and decarbonization of the energy industry. They leverage renewable energy and digital transformation to boost the competitiveness of their shareholders and customers. As a partner, Trianel aligns with LoyJoy's commitment to innovation, bringing significant industry experience to our shared projects.

Digitas Pixelpark

As the Networked Experience Agency, Digitas delivers modern marketing by connecting media, creative, data, and technology. They invent new ways for brands to connect with people. Partnering with LoyJoy, Digitas uses the platform to strengthen these connections.

Iskander Business Partner

Iskander Business Partner is an award-winning management consultancy with a dynamic doer mentality. It is a leader in customer centricity, data-driven marketing & sales, digital excellence and smart products & innovations. The partnership with LoyJoy reflects their commitment to increasing efficiency and customer interactions through the use of advanced technologies, combining innovation with practicality.

Dept Agency

Dept is a global tech/marketing agency helping brands stay ahead. They create pioneering work globally and build brands for the digital world. As a LoyJoy partner, Dept uses the platform's technologies to further enhance customer experiences and digital business growth.

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