Why we built LoyJoy

LoyJoy is a tech company for a reason: Empowering brands to connect 1:1 with their customers through automated, yet emotional and fun conversations. For brands to thrive in the digital age, they must establish direct relationships with their customers. LoyJoy achieves this by combining conversational interfaces with AI and BPMN 2.0 processes. We call it Conversational Process Automation.

Conversations are the natural way we humans form relationships. For the first time, artificial intelligence enables the automation of conversations. Gamification further motivates long-term relationships. LoyJoy is a powerful tool for brands that allows them to be helpful and relevant to their customers.

Ulf Loetschert CEO LoyJoy

LoyJoy’s CEO Ulf Loetschert

Our team for you

We’re a German startup based in the beautiful city of Muenster.

Ulf Loetschert

CEO, Managing Director


Initiator, CEO and Founder of LoyJoy. Entrepreneur, strategy consultant, IT professional. More than 10 years experience of industry & top management consulting in marketing and CRM. Programmed his first chatbot in 1995.

Dr. Ulrich Wolffgang

CTO, Managing Director


CTO and Founder of LoyJoy. Over 15 years of experience in coding. Before he worked as an IT architect at Platinion of Boston Consulting Group and as a software developer on core banking systems.

Jonathan Schmitz

Lead AI Engineer


Expert in evolutionary theory, data science, and machine learning. Experienced artificial intelligence engineer in NLP and image recognition technology. Studied biology and is currently finishing his PhD in bioinformatics.

Sebastian Deisel

Full-Stack Software Engineer


Full-stack software engineer at LoyJoy with a lot of experience in reactive user interfaces, scalable backend APIs and bot technology. Is a Master student of information systems at University of Münster and holds a Bachelor’s degree.

André Moelle

Software Developer


Software developer with focus on analytics. Is a Master student of information systems at University of Münster and holds a Bachelor’s degree.

Lennard Pötter



Business administration student with the will to succeed. Supports our customers in using LoyJoy profitably.

A brief history

We are a technology start-up from Münster, Germany, one of the most liveable cities in the world. 300,000 residents, 60,000 college students - we have no worries about the future. The two founders have known each other for more than 10 years. Ulf Loetschert, previously consulting manager in CRM and Dr. Ulrich Wolffgang, with many years of experience in core banking and formerly Software Architect at Platinion (Boston Consulting Group).

Technology is our profession, 90 % of the team are techies. We work closely with agencies and consultants.

As early as 2012, the idea for LoyJoy was born: to bring brands and consumers together directly through interaction with the product. The first prototypes were still app-based, but could not convince the team itself of usability. The new possibilities offered by artificial intelligence and the widespread use of Conversational User Interfaces (with messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as well as voice bots such as Amazon Alexa and Co.) have pivoted the idea: 1:1 marketing and customer loyalty for brands through automated dialogue. Conversational loyalty was born.

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