What in the World Are NLU and PWA?

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What in the world are NLU and PWA?

What in the World Are NLU and PWA?

People are talking about NLU, PWA, hybrid chat, and chatbots. And you stand there and have no idea about what is going on. This blog post will help you answer all those question marks in your head. Afterwards, you will be one step closer to digitalization, and especially to this emerging difficult technology area. So let’s start off directly.

What in the World Is PWA?

First, obviously, PWA is an abbreviation. What does it stand for?

PWA is short for Progressive Web App.

Where is the difference to the “normal” App we know?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) has the advantages of a native app like adding to the home screen, accessing the camera, running full-screen, etc. But it comes without the downsides like download and installation. It runs immediately. And if you like, you can publish it to the app stores as well.

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Can you give me an example? Examples are always a good way to illustrate things and understand them even better.

Yeah, of course. What about LoyJoy? LoyJoy is a powerful progressive web app in corporate design that runs instantly on every device. It is your own messenger, your branded everywhere messenger because as a progressive web app it needs no download, no installation. It runs immediately on mobile, desktop, Instagram, whatever. You can also publish LoyJoy to WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and more. The progressive web app technology makes it possible for LoyJoy to run everywhere.

Thank you! It’s great to dive deeper into digitalization.

What You Need to Know About NLU

And here we go again, I heard about NLU. I can’t do anything with it. Can you maybe help me?

No worries. I’m glad to help you. So what do you wanna know?

Thank you! Okay, so what does NLU stand for?

NLU stands for Natural Language Understanding.

And what is Natural Language Understanding exactly?

Your chat experience can have a free text input field where users can enter their questions. The NLU model is used to find out what the user wants to do (intent matching) and gives an answer you entered. The model itself learns from training data (user input examples) you provide for each intent.

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Ahhh, thank you so much. Slowly we are making progress- learning about this difficult technical area that is feared everywhere.

If you have any further questions or want something special explained, just send us a quick mail and we’ll do our best to provide a simple and accessible explanation for you.

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