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LoyJoy Launches World's First Conversational Prediction Game! ⚽

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The Nivea European Championship chat excperience. With animated footballs in the background.

LoyJoy Launches World’s First Conversational Prediction Game! ⚽

European Championship 2021 ⚽

- this time it gets even more exciting with LoyJoy

The "I love cheese" - football chat experience.

The first Conversational Prediction Game

Summer is here and European Championship is here!

And LoyJoy is more than proud to announce the World’s first conversational prediction game 🎉

We’re happy to share these exciting news that prove the unmatched flexibility of the LoyJoy platform.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an advent calendar, a skin type test, a loyalty program, a product recommender or now an European Championship prediction game –

LoyJoy’s Conversational Cloud can provide a wide array of conversational services for your brand.

And from now on, LoyJoy is happy that the European Championship 2021 Prediction Game is one of its amazing success stories.

Savencia’s European Snack Championship

Snacj and Win. Das große "Ich liebes Käse EM-Tippspiel".

Savencia’s European Snack Championship matches each national team with recipes that the teams visually represent in their prediction game.

You can now join the exciting Raffle built by Savencia on the LoyJoy platform, bet on your team and enjoy the snacks of your favourite teams while having a football evening together! Is there something better?

So I recommend you to not miss your chance to join the brand new prediction games built on the LoyJoy platform 😉

NIVEA European Championship Raffle

And here comes another joyful tip for you:

Don’t miss your chance to take part in NIVEA’ s prediction game!

Only there you have the opportunity to win exciting NIVEA prices every week. And in addition to that LoyJoy lights up your European Championship days with soccer animations and great conversations. So let’s get started!

The Nivea European Championship chat excperience. With animated footballs in the background.

The NIVEA prediction game

Stay tuned! There is much more to come. LoyJoy wishes you good luck and especially a lot of fun in these exciting European Championship days.

The LoyJoy logo with a football on the letter Y.

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