Dive into our comprehensive questionnaire module, which boasts all 18 question types, offering a versatile tool for any research or feedback initiative.

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  • Data Collection
  • Question answering
  • Set Variables and create personal Chats

Collect information from your customers with the LoyJoy Questionnaire Template

Streamline your data collection process with LoyJoy’s “Questionnaire” module, a highly efficient tool designed to seamlessly gather information from your users through personalized chat flows. Built on the robust BPMN modelling language, this module enables you to create custom questionnaires by simply dragging and dropping different elements to tailor the conversation according to your needs. Whether you’re looking to segment your audience, collect feedback, or obtain detailed customer insights, LoyJoy’s intuitive templates make it incredibly easy to deploy these interactive surveys in minutes. The “Questionnaire” template not only enhances your ability to set and use variables for a more personalized engagement but also ensures that the data collection process is engaging and user-friendly, encouraging higher completion rates and providing valuable insights to drive your business forward.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Add this template to your personal workspace in LoyJoy.
  2. Start exploring various question types.
  3. Customize the questionnaire to fit your specific business needs via drag and drop.