Acquire more leads and opt-ins for your brand in a gamified conversation

LoyJoy is the marketing cloud for the conversational era. We connect brands and consumers 1:1 via chatbots on websites, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Amazon Alexa. Brands grow their CRM database with digital shopper insights and GDPR-compliant opt-ins.

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Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing
« With LoyJoy, we reach our customers in a novel fashion and significantly increase our interaction rates. We are thrilled by the results. »
Anna Mang, Senior CRM Strategist & Digital Excellence Manager
« Digital communication is increasingly becoming the most important aspect of brand management, because only here a 1:1 dialogue with the target group is possible. LoyJoy is the perfect tool for this. »
Jörg Büttner, Marketing Director Kölln
« LoyJoy stands for a new quality in direct customer contact. For us, the direct dialogue with our customers is the future. »
Johannes Frieß, Brand Activation Manager

Unlock the power of conversational marketing for your brand


Acquire more leads via chat

LoyJoy’s gamified chatbot kickstarts the conversation. Run giveaways, loyalty programs and product registrations on chat.

Grow your CRM database

Acquire GDPR-compliant opt-ins, grow your CRM and build direct 1:1 relationships with consumers.

Personalize your marketing

Connect with consumers via mobile push and give them a reason to return to your brand.

Start your own conversational experience for free in just a few minutes

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Generate more leads and retain customers with the right use case

Provide incentives in the form of giveaways and loyalty rewards to increase consumer engagement. Simply configure your chatbot on the LoyJoy platform. If you want additional customizations, please get in touch.


Giveaways, competitions, raffles

LoyJoy’s gamified chatbot simplifies participation in giveaways and makes it fun. Brands acquire more leads and opt-ins for ongoing 1:1 marketing. Set up a giveaway on the LoyJoy platform and integrate it to you website, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Alexa today.

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Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs and promotions

LoyJoy supports simple to complex loyalty mechanisms out-of-the-box. Proof of purchase can be provided by sending in text or photos via chat (e.g. on-pack codes, QR codes, bar codes and sales receipts). Our AI image recognition technology automatically validates photos.

Product registrations

Product registration

Simplify product registration with a chatbot and automated proof of purchase. Increase user acceptance and build a permanent 1:1 channel with customers. Promote cross-selling and send product updates directly to customers.

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See how LoyJoy chatbots revolutionise marketing in your industry

Loyalty chatbots for FMCG and CPG brands →
Product registration chatbots for Consumer goods brands →
Loyalty chatbots instead of cards for Retail brands →

What’s the added value for brands?

Acquire consumer data and GDPR-compliant opt-ins

Get rid of forms and acquire data seamlessly in an ongoing, gamified dialog. Willingness to share data in context is 5x higher.


Lower your consumer acquisition cost

LoyJoy comes at a fraction of the cost of classic CRM and marketing platforms. Consumers love to chat and engagement with LoyJoy skyrockets your conversion rates.

Cloud platform

Engage consumers on the channels that matter

Send mobile push messages and emails to stay in touch with consumers. Provide personalised offers for highest open and conversion rates.


Leverage messaging while staying independent

With LoyJoy, your brand owns consumer relationships and data. User data is stored in your private, GDPR-compliant CRM database within the LoyJoy cloud.

LoyJoy Manager Backend

Manage your conversations in the LoyJoy marketing cloud

  • Cloud-based and scalable from 1 to millions of users
  • Multi-language and multi-tenant
  • Built-in Campaign management
  • Manage your giveaways, loyalty programs, promotions, lotteries and support bots in one place
  • API-based to connect with existing solutions like CRM, campaign management, and others
« The biggest benefits of Loyjoy’s Chatbot Marketing Cloud are ease of use and the wide range of functions. »
Johannes Dienst, Online Marketing Manager

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