Boost customer value through chat-based services

Utilize the motivational power of conversations to reach your goals in marketing, sales and service processes.

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What our customers achieve

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Conversion Rate Lift

Switching from static websites to LoyJoy pays off fast. LoyJoy customers typically experience a lift of 50 to 300 % in converting website visitors to qualified leads with marketing permissions.

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Sales Volume

Offering customers an conversational product recommender on ecommerce sites increases conversion to sales by 50 to 200 % instantly.

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Faster time to market

Move fast to wow customers. LoyJoy’s self-service platform and shortcut rollout capabilities allow brands to go live in days instead of months.

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Net Promoter Score

The best customer experience wins. Luckily customers love engage in a conversation with brands. LoyJoy’s unique gamified experience leads to highest recommendation rates.

Figure out what your brand can do to boost customer value.

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Use cases

Customer care & appointments

Screenshot of VRIDA, the virtual assistant of the westerwaldbank

Lead Gen & CRM integration

Screenshot of NIVEA's chat-based Advent calendar

Product & dealer finder

creenshot of Melitta's chat based product and store finder

Virtual influencer

Screenshot of Aevin a virtual influencer platform

Cashback promotion

Screenshot of a chat based cash back promotion

How to start in 3 steps

Drag & Drop process modules

Choose from over 80 process modules to build new customer experiences. Model, implement and run your business processes in one step. Modules contain business logic empowering you to build rich chat-based services in no time.

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Edit & preview content

Easily customise and personalise your chat experiences. Make changes anytime, run A/B tests, and enjoy the performance.

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Code snippets under the publish tab for easy copy and paste for various purposes like website or Instagram embedding
Publish to web

Ready to launch? Add LoyJoy to websites, ecommerce, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp with ease. LoyJoy runs as a Progessive Web App allowing it to be installed, access the device camera, and send push notifications.

LoyJoy highlights

Built for the enterprise
  • Multi-tenant environment
  • 32 languages including Arabic, Chinese
  • Global roll out capability
  • Endless scalable architecture
  • Custom APIs
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Integrate your landscape
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Privacy first
  • Direct storage in your existing systems, e.g. Salesforce
  • Purely local data processing on customer end device
  • Encryption and 2-factor authentication FIDO2
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« We are very satisfied with LoyJoy. The tool is easy to use and the chat is very well received by our customers. With LoyJoy we quickly implement technical innovations. »

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Oliver Adekunle
Marketing manager
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« In today's information-overloaded world, conversational and emotional experiences are key to engage with any human being. LoyJoy is a true game-changer. Relevant, individualized and fun user experiences - for consumers and marketers alike. »

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Johannes Friess
Digital Innovation Manager Savencia
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« With LoyJoy we reach our banking and insurance customers in a contemporary way and offer an inspiring experience. Through the different experiences in the BPMN logic, chatbot technology becomes tangible and easy to understand! »

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Sven Krämer
Partner zeb consulting
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« Our customers and our team are enthusiastic, we work very successfully with LoyJoy. The platform is easy to use and the backend processes such as DOI run smoothly. »

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Dr. Frank Wallow
Head of IT
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« Digital communication is increasingly becoming the most important aspect of brand management, because only here a 1:1 dialogue with the target group is possible. LoyJoy is the perfect tool for this. »

Avatar image of Jörg Büttner
Jörg Büttner
Marketing Director Kölln
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