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Conversational Marketing Platform

We Make Your Customer Experience Stand Out

LoyJoy is the Conversational Platform That Will Help You Wow Your Customers, Triple Conversation Rates and Cut Project Times in Half. A Powerful BPMN Process Engine, AI, and Human Agents Create Rich Conversational Experiences.

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Live chatbot conversation demo
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We Care About Good Conversations.
And Good Results for You.


Conversion Rate

from Visit to Double Opt-In


Net Promoter Score


Cost Reduction

Compared to websites with forms


Reduction of Bounce Rate

Compared to website

A Beautiful Chat Interface That Your Customers Will Love

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  • Style the chat to suit your brand perfectly.

  • Run branded chats on websites, Apps, Instagram, and TikTok

  • Use automated processes alongside human agents and advanced AI agents.

  • As a Progressive Web App you have the feature power of a native app without the need to install it.

  • Available in 32 languages.

Convert, Sell, Guide & More

Here are some LoyJoy use case ideas. Use Free Templates to get started in no time or build from scratch.

Build Rich Experiences With Our Powerful BPMN Process Engine

Screen capture of someone editing and previewing the default text and links of the process modules

Just Drag-and-Drop BPMN Process Modules to Build Rich Conversations

  • We made LoyJoy so simple that everyone can build rich conversations.

  • No need for an extra agency, training just takes 1 hour.

  • Need quick inspiration? Pick a template with 1-click install and get started in 1 minute.

  • Learn more about the power of our no code BPMN process engine in a free demo.

Integrate LoyJoy With Your Favorite Applications

CRM & 
Salesforce - InterfaceYOTPO - InterfaceOneTrust - InterfaceCampaign Monitor - InterfaceInxmail - Interface
Google Analytics - InterfaceData Studio - InterfaceGoogle Big Query - Interface
Need additional integrations? We’ll add them at no extra cost.
Facebook Pixel - Interface
Magento - InterfaceShopify - Interface

We’ve Put a Lot of Thought Into Data Privacy, so You Don’t Have To

  • GDPR compliant – check.

  • Data is securely encrypted while in transit and at rest.

  • Use LoyJoy with or without cookies. Integrate with your cookie consent solutions.

  • Use LoyJoy with or without database (and store directly in your existing systems)

  • Secure access with 2-factor FIDO2 authentication.
    Sleep well.

Data Privacy in chatbots
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« LoyJoy creates real "aha" moments for our customers and takes conversion rates and customer engagement to a new level. The platform handles our scale with ease, even during peak periods. It's been a lasting positive experience for our customers and us. Thank you LoyJoy! »

Avatar image of Carsten Akman
Carsten Akman
Head of Permission & Customer Management
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« We work closely with LoyJoy on a global scale. The platform is a key enabler of our goal to build 1:1 relationships with our 1 bn+ consumers. The "Joy" part touches our consumers emotionally and makes it wildly successful. »

Avatar image of Ben Polter
Ben Polter
Global CRM Manager
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« In today's information-overloaded world, conversational and emotional experiences are key to engage with any human being. LoyJoy is a true game-changer. Relevant, individualized and fun user experiences - for consumers and marketers alike. »

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Johannes Friess
Digital Innovation Manager Savencia
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« With LoyJoy we reach our banking and insurance customers in a contemporary way and offer an inspiring experience. Through the different experiences in the BPMN logic, chatbot technology becomes tangible and easy to understand! »

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Sven Krämer
Partner zeb consulting
West Lotto logo - Customer

« Our customers and our team are enthusiastic, we work very successfully with LoyJoy. The platform is easy to use and the backend processes such as DOI run smoothly. »

Avatar image of Dr. Frank Wallow
Dr. Frank Wallow
Head of IT
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« Digital communication is increasingly becoming the most important aspect of brand management, because only here a 1:1 dialogue with the target group is possible. LoyJoy is the perfect tool for this. »

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Jörg Büttner
Marketing Director Kölln

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