Motivated by joy.

Our promise


Our promise


Our mission is to provide customer-friendly access to business processes via chat.

LoyJoy's core is our Conversational Process Engine with business modules.
Processes are designed and implemented simply via drag & drop and run as a Chat.

Drag'n'drop easy building kit

  • Build powerful chat-based services lightning fast

  • Build processes with our drag’n’drop editor

  • BPMN engine to automate your business processes

  • Build once, publish on websites, Instagram and more, globally, in 30+ languages

Turn Your Brand Into a Conversation.

Publish your Chat as a Progressive Web App in corporate design that runs instantly on every device.

Build your customer journey the way customers love - by leveraging the simplicity, convenience and joy of conversations. Launch quickly with pre-built conversational experiences or create your own.

What our customers achieve

Cost Reduction
Net Promoter Score
Conversion Rate Lift
Sales Volume

Examples of positive impact for your business

Hybrid Chat – Automation and Human-Takeover Go Hand in Hand

Live Chat

  1. Rule-based agent routing

  2. Handover from AI and contextual live chat offering based e.g. on profiles
  3. Agents can control processes


  1. More than 30 languages available
  2. Automatic language detection
  3. Manual language choice

Natural Language Processing AI

  1. Automatic text classification to understand customer inquiries
  2. For answering questions and controlling processes
  3. Handover to agents

« We are very satisfied with LoyJoy. The tool is easy to use and the chat is very well received by our customers. With LoyJoy we quickly implement technical innovations. »

Oliver Adekunle
Marketing manager

« In today's information-overloaded world, conversational and emotional experiences are key to engage with any human being. LoyJoy is a true game-changer. Relevant, individualized and fun user experiences - for consumers and marketers alike. »

Johannes Friess
Digital Innovation Manager Savencia

« With LoyJoy we reach our banking and insurance customers in a contemporary way and offer an inspiring experience. Through the different experiences in the BPMN logic, chatbot technology becomes tangible and easy to understand! »

Sven Krämer
Partner zeb consulting

« Our customers and our team are enthusiastic, we work very successfully with LoyJoy. The platform is easy to use and the backend processes such as DOI run smoothly. »

Dr. Frank Wallow
Head of IT

« Digital communication is increasingly becoming the most important aspect of brand management, because only here a 1:1 dialogue with the target group is possible. LoyJoy is the perfect tool for this. »

Jörg Büttner
Marketing Director Kölln

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