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Let your customers chat with a live agent to address their queries in real-time, ensuring a personalized and efficient support experience that can boost satisfaction and trust in your brand.

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  • Real-time Support
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Asynchronous Communication

Streamline Customer Support with the LoyJoy Live Chat Template

Dive into the world of seamless customer interaction with LoyJoy’s Live chat template. It contains a cornerstone of our BPMN-based chatbot creation platform: The Live module. It is designed to revolutionize how businesses connect with their customers, enabling real-time conversations that bridge the gap between automated efficiency and the personalized touch of human support. This template is meant to be a starting point for your live chat implementation, and can be customized to fit your specific business needs via drag and drop.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Add this template to your personal workspace in LoyJoy.
  2. Mark yourself online in the live chat area of your workspace to receive incoming customer requests.
  3. Start chatting with your customers in real-time and provide them with the support they need.