Conversational Platform

The No Code Platform to Turn Your Brand Into a Conversation

LoyJoy empowers teams to create meaningful interactions themselves. Get the support you need from our Customer Success Team or your preferred agency and consultancy partner.

Drag & Drop Building Kit

  • Build powerful chat-based services lightning fast

  • Build processes with our drag-and-drop editor

  • Add if-then logic without coding

  • BPMN engine to automate your business processes

  • Build once, publish to websites, Instagram, TikTok, Apps & more

Generative AI at Your Fingertips

Use your business-specific GPT4 by OpenAI to answer questions and run processes via chat. Hosted in the EU for GDPR compliance.

Diamant Zucker ChatGPT by LoyJoy

Conversations That Make People Smile

With LoyJoy, your customer journeys will convert better. But more importantly, your experiences will be wildly more enjoyable for your customers. And this joy can even be enhanced. By adding animations, quizzes, and little gamified elements. Conversations that make your customers smile.

Authentication in the Chat Flow

Our integrated authentication technology allows customers to log in and recognise returning customers. Chat can distinguish between authenticated customers and unknown visitors and display different information. LoyJoy is also able to use existing login systems: Customers logged in on your website are automatically recognised in the chat and vice versa.

Three Levels of AI. Pick Yours.

Three Levels of AI. Pick Yours.

Three Levels of AI. Pick Yours.

Smart Search with search as you type

Smart Search with GPT AI

Use our instant search-as-you-type feature with pre-defined results. Let GPT write the content based on your website and files like PDF and Word.

Intent-based AI, neural network

Intent-based AI

Train your Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithm to understand customer inquiries and provide pre-defined responses. This AI won't generate answers.

OpenAI ChatGPT3.5 and GPT4

ChatGPT 3.5 & 4

The most powerful AI at your fingertips and fully integrated to LoyJoy. Fuel your business-specific ChatGPT by simply uploading readable documents or your websites to LoyJoy.

Privacy-first Platform

Privacy-first Platform

Privacy-first Platform

Woman smiling


As a German-based platform we built LoyJoy with GDPR-compliance in its core.

User with locked laptop

Local Storage

Store data directly in your existing systems, in LoyJoy, or solely on customer end devices.

Woman using Mac
Woman using Mac
Woman using Mac


Data at rest and in transit is encrypted according to highest industry standards.

Scalability & Rollout-capability

Scalability & Rollout-capability

Scalability & Rollout-capability

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Rollout globally

Use LoyJoy's multi-tenant and copy capabilities to rollout smoothly.

Woman selecting languages in LoyJoy
Woman selecting languages in LoyJoy
Woman selecting languages in LoyJoy


Translate to 34 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Arabic (RTL).

Smartphone with analytics numbers
Smartphone with analytics numbers
Smartphone with analytics numbers

Scales automatically

LoyJoy handles millions of chat per day and will cover your peaks instantly.

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