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A chatbot makes your website more interactive

Making a website interactive can be a challenge since it often requires a complete redesign and generating a lot of new content.

With LoyJoy you can put an intelligent chatbot on your website and immediately increase interactivity.

Try LoyJoy on your website now

Please note For technical reasons, display problems may occur in the preview. These do not occur if you embed LoyJoy on your website.

You can include a LoyJoy chatbot either as a floating chat bubble or as a classic div element in your website.

A chatbot makes your website more interactive

Generate more leads and retain customers with the right use case

Provide incentives in the form of giveaways and loyalty rewards to increase consumer engagement. Simply configure your chatbot on the LoyJoy platform. If you want additional customizations, please get in touch.


Giveaways, competitions, raffles

LoyJoy’s gamified chatbot simplifies participation in giveaways and makes it fun. Brands acquire more leads and opt-ins for ongoing 1:1 marketing. Set up a giveaway on the LoyJoy platform and integrate it to you website, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Alexa today.

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Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs and promotions

LoyJoy supports simple to complex loyalty mechanisms out-of-the-box. Proof of purchase can be provided by sending in text or photos via chat (e.g. on-pack codes, QR codes, bar codes and sales receipts). Our AI image recognition technology automatically validates photos.

Product registrations

Product registration

Simplify product registration with a chatbot and automated proof of purchase. Increase user acceptance and build a permanent 1:1 channel with customers. Promote cross-selling and send product updates directly to customers.

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