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Customer Service in Transition: Westfalen & LoyJoy use AI to Generate Leads 🚀

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Customer Service in Transition: Westfalen & LoyJoy use AI to Generate Leads 🚀

Westfalen AG, a leading family-owned company with a 100-year history operating in the fields of technical gases, refrigeration technology, mobility and filling station services as well as home ventilation and hydrogen, stands for constant innovation and customer proximity. Westfalen was looking for a solution to offer its customers and potential customers new contact channels and alternatives to traditional online forms for lead generation. At the same time, customer service was to be relieved. The answer was a chatbot powered by generative AI from ChatGPT and based on the LoyJoy Conversational Platform.

🔹 As a first use case, the chatbot was integrated within the liquid gas pages of the Westfalen website. By integrating the chatbot on Westfalen’s website, the company enables its customers to make inquiries about liquid gas directly and easily. This innovation, realized on the LoyJoy Conversational Platform, takes customer interaction to a new level.

🔹 The chatbot not only offers an interactive interface that far surpasses conventional inquiry forms, but also saves valuable service staff time through automation. Customers and leads receive all the necessary information about Westfalen’s various offers and can make concrete inquiries for specific solutions directly via the chat.

🔹 What makes the chatbot so special is the technology behind it. The chatbot was developed in a short space of time using a generative AI model based on Westfalen’s documents and website. This ensures that the chatbot provides precise and relevant answers to users’ queries. This ability to respond specifically to customers’ needs and questions makes the chatbot a valuable tool in customer communication.

The Westfalen liquid gas chat.

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🔸 Advantages at a glance:

👉 Increased efficiency: automated response to customer inquiries saves time and resources.

👉 Improved customer experience: The interactive interface and fast provision of information increase customer satisfaction.

👉 Targeted information: The AI chatbot based on Westfalen’s documents provides precise information, improving the quality of customer advice.

👉 Improved lead generation: The simplified application process through the chatbot makes it easier for interested parties to get in touch and make their inquiries. This leads to more effective lead generation by seamlessly integrating potential customers into the sales process.

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— by Steffen Wichtrup

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