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LoyJoy Expands AI Capabilities: Intelligent Reranking and Claude 3.5 Sonnet 🚀

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LoyJoy Expands AI Capabilities: Claude 3.5 Sonnet and Intelligent Reranking

We are continuously developing the LoyJoy Conversational Platform to offer you the most advanced tools for your customer communication. We are excited to introduce two significant improvements that will enable your customers to have an even better Conversational Experience.

Reranking: More Precise Answers Through Intelligent Source Selection 🎯

The biggest innovation we are introducing is the “Reranking” feature, which significantly improves the quality and relevance of your chatbot’s answers, as it is an optional improvement to the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), which we explained in this article. This new feature revolutionizes how the LoyJoy Conversational Platform processes and presents information.

At the core of the Reranking process is a comprehensive source analysis. Instead of limiting itself to a small number of information sources, the system now evaluates up to 32 potential sources for each query. This significantly expands the knowledge base and increases the chances of finding the most relevant information. This reduces information gaps and avoids one-sided answers.

A key element of the Reranking process is intelligent relevance scoring. Each source is carefully evaluated based on its relevance to the specific query. This process considers the context of the question and prioritizes the most important information. The result is significantly improved accuracy of answers, as the system focuses on the most relevant sources.

After the scoring process, an optimized selection of sources takes place. Only the information with the highest relevance is used for answer generation. This leads to concise but highly informative answers. At the same time, irrelevant information is reduced, which not only improves the quality of the answers but also shortens processing time.

The end result of this sophisticated process is significantly higher answer quality. By considering a broader database and intelligent filtering, more precise and comprehensive answers can now be generated. This leads to more consistent and reliable information, better coverage of complex queries, and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.

Activate the Reranking in the GPT Module of your Experience.

Activating the reranking is very simple. Go to your GPT Experience and click on “Yes” for “Enable reranking” in the “GPT Knowledge” module.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet: More Powerful and Efficient 🧠

In addition to the new “Reranking” feature, we have integrated Anthropic’s latest and greatest model into the LoyJoy platform: Claude 3.5 Sonnet. The LoyJoy Platform now offers Anthropic’s latest model in addition to the well-known LLMs.

The LoyJoy Platform with its different LLMs

Last Friday, Anthropic set a new milestone in the field of AI with the release of Claude 3.5 Sonnet, offering three major improvements over its predecessor Claude 3 Sonnet:

  1. Superior Performance: Claude 3.5 Sonnet outperforms its predecessor in numerous benchmarks. For example:
    • Graduate-level Reasoning: 59.4% vs. 50.4% (Claude 3 Opus): This means Your chatbot can now better understand and answer complex, academic questions.
    • Code (HumanEval): 92.0% vs. 84.9%: A significant improvement in code analysis and generation, ideal for technical support inquiries.
    • Multilingual Math: 91.6% vs. 90.7%: Your bot can now solve mathematical problems in various languages even more precisely.

Superior Performance Source: https://www.anthropic.com/news/claude-3-5-sonnet

  1. Improved Visual Capabilities:
    • Visual Math Reasoning: 67.7% (compared to 50.5% for Claude 3 Opus): A significant increase in understanding and solving visually presented mathematical problems.
    • Science Diagrams: 94.7% (vs. 88.1%): Your chatbot can now better interpret and explain scientific diagrams and charts.
    • Document Visual Q&A: 95.2% (vs. 89.3%): An impressive improvement in answering questions about visual documents, ideal for product catalogs or technical manuals.

Improved Visual Capabilities Source: https://www.anthropic.com/news/claude-3-5-sonnet

  1. Cost Efficiency: Claude 3.5 Sonnet offers significantly higher performance at comparable costs to its predecessor. This means for you:
    • More intelligence per euro invested
    • Faster processing times for complex queries
    • Potential savings through more efficient use of AI resources

Cost Efficiency Source: https://www.anthropic.com/news/claude-3-5-sonnet

Apart from the Visual Features, all functions of Claude 3.5 Sonnet are now available in the LoyJoy Platform. We are currently checking the feasibility of the visual feature and will provide an update as soon as possible.

These improvements allow you to offer your customers more precise, context-related, and versatile answers - all with optimized cost efficiency. Whether it’s analyzing customer feedback, answering technical questions, or assisting with product selection - Claude 3.5 Sonnet elevates your customer interactions to a new level.

What Does This Mean for You? 💡

These innovations enable you to offer your customers an even better Conversational Experience:

  1. More accurate and context-related answers: Thanks to Claude 3.5 Sonnet and the Reranking feature, your chatbots can now understand more complex relationships and provide more precise answers. This means fewer misunderstandings and higher customer satisfaction with every interaction.

  2. More efficient customer interactions: The improved performance of Claude 3.5 Sonnet allows customer inquiries to be processed faster and more accurately. This leads to shorter waiting times and increased efficiency of your customer service team, as fewer manual interventions are required.

  3. Competent handling of a wider range of inquiries: From technical support requests to complex product consultations, your chatbot can now competently handle a much wider range of customer inquiries. You are equipped for almost any challenge.

This way, you offer your customers a service at the highest level, which will positively impact their satisfaction and loyalty.


With the integration of Claude 3.5 Sonnet and the innovative Reranking feature, the LoyJoy Conversational Platform sets new standards in AI-powered conversation. These technologies enable you to offer your customers a service experience at the highest level.

Would you like to learn more about how these innovations can improve your customer service experience? Contact us today for a personal DEMO! 🤝

— by Steffen Wichtrup

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