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LoyJoy August 2023 Release: Using the Power of ChatGPT With LoyJoy Has Become Even Simpler

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An conversational experience that features ChatGPT is shown. It emphasises, that customers may ask anything, but the AI will only answer questions related to your sources.

LoyJoy August 2023 Release: Using the Power of ChatGPT With LoyJoy Has Become Even Simpler

Have you ever considered using the power of ChatGPT to improve your Customer Experience? LoyJoy integrates with GPT-3 since early 2023 and GPT-3.5 since March. And with our latest LoyJoy release, adapting ChatGPT to your brand now becomes even simpler. Make ChatGPT only utilize the information you provide. Let’s dive into the details. 🚀

How Does it Work?

Setting up ChatGPT in LoyJoy is a breeze and you can do it today. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1️⃣ The first step is to log in to your LoyJoy account or book a demo if you’re new.

2️⃣ Activate GPT:

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the ‘Knowledge’ section and click on ‘Settings’. Here, you’ll find the option to activate GPT.

3️⃣ Add Your Sources:

After activating GPT, go back to the ‘Knowledge’ section. Here, you can add the sources you want GPT to use while generating responses to your customers’ queries. This is where you have full control over the information GPT uses to interact with your customers. You can upload almost anything - from web pages to PDFs.

4️⃣ Customize Your Chat Experience:

The next step is to click on ‘Experience’, which is located just above ‘Knowledge’. Following this, click on the tab ‘Knowledge’. Here, you can activate the footer and select your knowledge sources the chat should use to answer questions.

And voila! 💥 You’ve successfully set up your own ChatGPT in LoyJoy. Now, you can use the power of AI to boost your Customer Experience, provide faster responses, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Personalize the Conversation

You can also provide GPT with role instructions to respond in a certain way and style. The chat can adapt to your brand’s value and tone of voice. To edit your GPT settings, go to Knowledge and pick the settings tab. There you can configure your system message!

You can also modify GPT’s knowledge sources, i.e. you can choose which of your uploaded files or crawled websites GPT should use to answer. Remember, the power of ChatGPT lies in the information you provide, so make sure to upload relevant and comprehensive sources for the best results. With the LoyJoy Conversational Marketing Platform you can build your own experiences and modify them to your customers needs.

If you need further assistance we uploaded a short video instruction 👨‍💻

— by Steffen Wichtrup

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