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Advent Calendar Campaigns With LoyJoy Chatbots

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Christmas scene with an Advent Calendar Campaign based on the LoyJoy platform.

Advent Calendar Campaigns With LoyJoy Chatbots

Let’s take a look back at some of our customers’ incredible Advent Calendar campaigns with LoyJoy chatbots. From German retail giant ALDI Nord to skincare expert Eucerin to Germany’s biggest direct insurer CosmosDirekt, several leading brands created Advent Calendars with the LoyJoy Conversational Marketing Platform.

Brands were giving away prizes as incentive for consumers to provide their contact details, opt-in for marketing messages and engage with the brand content over 24 days. Along the way, customers were educated about products in a gamified and easy to consume way.

The ALDI advent calendar in action.

With cute animations and a gamified approach the ALDIventskalender attracted a huge amount of consumers and was a big success for both ALDI Nord and LoyJoy. Take a look at this short video that we compiled for the ALDIventskalender.

The CosmosDirekt advent calendar in action.

The CosmosDirekt Advent Calendar made you an expert of insurance plans offered by CosmosDirekt. By simply answering the questions based on their insurance products you had a chance of winning amazing prizes on a daily basis. We’ve also created a short video for the CosmosDirekt Adventskalender.

These are just two examples of our customers’ amazing Advent calendars, if you want to take a look at some of the other highlights of the 2023 holiday season, check out this blog post.

The LoyJoy Platform as a Trailblazer

These are but a few examples of what is possible with the LoyJoy platform. Create meaningful personalized chat experiences for your customers and take the customer journey to a whole new level. The no-code approach makes it easy to achieve your brand’s goal, whether it’s process automation, lead generation, marketing or sales purposes, or AI powered customer support. With generative AI integration at your fingertips like GPT 4 Turbo, hosted in the EU for GDPR compliance, you can create conversations that make people smile.

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– by Steffen Wichtrup

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