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Seamlessly embed a wide range of content into LoyJoy and explore the capabilities of our mini program process module.

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  • Link Your Products, Ads, Services and more
  • Embed Media Content
  • Embed Social Media

Seamlessly Embed Content with LoyJoy

Elevate your chatbot experience with LoyJoy’s Embedded Content template, a dynamic feature designed to enrich your customer interactions by seamlessly integrating multimedia content directly within the chat interface. The template contains several modules, allowing for the easy drag-and-drop arrangement of elements to display videos, YouTube clips, images, and links, captivating your audience and providing informative, engaging content without ever leaving the chat. With LoyJoy’s content modules, launching your multimedia-enhanced chatbot is a breeze, enabling you to quickly captivate and educate your customers. Whether you’re looking to showcase product tutorials, share engaging content, or provide direct links to your services, the “Embedded Content” template is your tool for creating more interactive and visually appealing customer experiences.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Add this template to your personal workspace in LoyJoy.
  2. Paste your Link into in the “External Link” module. For instance, start with a YouTube video link of your choice.
  3. Let the LoyJoy platform check your link automatically.
  4. Start chatting. Your content will be displayed in the chat interface.