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Your Path to Marketing Success

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Your Path to Marketing Success

What is the path to marketing success? How can consumers be successfully reached? This is a question that marketers and advertisers have been grappling with for decades. Not least for the reason that several million euros are invested every year in products that do not make it to market. In the end, campaigns do not reach their target group. Learn how to achieve your marketing, sales, and service process goals by means of LoyJoy’s Top 5 Success Stories.

The Conversational AI Platform LoyJoy works with the motivational power of conversations as conversations are the natural way we humans form relations. Discover the Top 5 use cases covering 5 different categories and see for yourself if this is the new path to marketing success.

No. 5 🎉

Westerwald Banking Process Automation

An image of the Westerwald Banking experience with the text "Process Automation" next to it.


Westerwald Bank wanted to enable customers access to core service processes 24/7 with a convenient and AI-powered conversational assistant.


The chatbot supports in the subjects of online banking, banking account and card cases, personal issues and informs about the branch offices.


“Clara Wäller” supports customers in banking activities, answers basic questions automatically and offers a live chat. Customers can book appointments in a simple and joyful way. Minimal data privacy footprint and encrypted data transfer.

No. 4 🚀

Melitta Professional Product Finder

A picture of the Melitta Professional experience and the Text "Product Finder" next to it.


Melitta wanted to promote their products (i.e coffee, coffee machines) and provide efficient customer service to please their clients.


The LoyJoy solution for Melitta includes a product finder for coffee machines, callbacks with customer service, and finding the sales representative for your region with a postcode search.


Melitta succeeds in increasing the product sales and customer satisfaction. The joyful conversations including the fast customer service help the company strengthen its relations to the customers and help to present itself as an approachable brand.

No. 3 🔥

Eucerin Live Chat

The Eucerin Live Chat experience.


Eucerin Germany wanted to answer customer questions about specific products directly in chat on their website.


LoyJoy created a Live Chat for Eucerin to directly connect to their customer service team. There is a seamless connection between Eucerin’s classic chatbots and the live chat service.


The Live Chat performs as the ideal solution to Eucerin’s customers’ questions. The customer service team is very happy with the user interface and 97% of chats are successful.

No.2 🌟

Deutsche Telekom Survey

The Deutsche Telekom experience.


Telekom wanted to surprise customers that filed a complaint via customer service to improve loyalty.


Within the LoyJoy platform, Telekom built an interactive experience to offer a gift voucher. Additionally, the chatbot assists in solving ongoing problems and offers to book appointments with customer service. In the end, it asks for the users’ feedback.


76% of the opened chats resulted in a conversation. Many customers booked appointments and copied their gift voucher. 55% gave optional feedback about the customer service in general. And 95% rated the chatbot with 3-5 stars.

No.1 💥💥

NIVEA South Africa Advent Calendar 2021

The NIVEA South Africa Advent Calendar 2021.


For their myNIVEA members, NIVEA offered an Advent Calendar with daily raffles to increase engagement and new registrations.


Within the Advent Calendar, customers have daily brand touch points throughout the months of advent. A sharing module linked to their referral program increased participation.


High numbers in interaction and participation, as well as a great outcome of social shares, speak for the great success of the first South African Advent Calendar. 96% of participants used the sharing option to tell their friends and family about the chatbot.
In 2021 NIVEA rolled out the Advent Calendar to a total of 11 countries.

This was how LoyJoy dealt with various business challenges by implementing a solution and achieving astonishing results. In the end, the biggest challenge is to actually reach the customer. And LoyJoy uses the natural way of conversations to get through.

Johannes Friess, the Digital Innovation Manager of Savencia calls LoyJoy “the door to the consumer”. To learn more about this, stay tuned for the next blog post: the interview with Johannes Friess.

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