TEDxMünster21- A Success Story Guided By LoyJoy's Chatbot Teddy

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The chatbot "Teddy" on an iPhone

TEDxMünster21- A Success Story Guided By LoyJoy’s Chatbot Teddy

It was September 18th, 2021. And it was time for one of the first live events after 1.5 years due to COVID. It was time for TEDxMünster, for IN TRANSIT. And LoyJoy was proud to be an important part of this event.

At 1pm the doors of the Fürstenberghaus in Münster opened for more than 200 participants. Within 3 talk sessions, 10 international speakers presented their ideas about the most diverse topics from analog processor chips to finding freedom in liminal space. Between the sessions the visitors enjoyed relaxed breaks in the outdoor festival area with food and drinks, music, entertainment, acrobatics and a lot of sunshine. The event was full of inspiration and open-minded people who exchanged great ideas and expanded their horizons.

The LoyJoy team was also among these people.

The LoyJoy team standing in front of a LoyJoy display.

LoyJoy has been accompanying TEDxMünster on its journey towards the event for the last few months. The event itself was incredible and everyone was really happy to attend a live event after the hard COVID-times. People enjoyed the LoyJoy sweets- a little bit too much- as they were already empty before the first session 😄.

But what we’re most proud of: The visitors were in love with our “Teddy”- Chatbot which has been guiding them through the whole event.

The chatbot "Teddy" on an iPhone

Chatbot Teddy, built on the LoyJoy platform, provided important information about the day. Visitors checked in to the bot via QR code right at the entrance. From there, Teddy sent SMS-notifications about the sessions and breaks. The Chatbot provided background information about the speakers and the events’ motto “IN TRANSIT”. Teddy also told the visitors about the agenda, where they could find delicious food and finally guided them to the after-show party. What more could you want? 😉

Thank you @TEDxMünster for this amazing event! #tedxms21 #tedxmünster

P.S. Get more impressions and pictures of the event on our Instagram. Stay tuned!

Thumbnail Image by TEDxMünster/Patty Peppe. Great picture, thank you!

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