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LoyJoy Joins InsurLab Germany: Paving New Paths in Insurance Innovation

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LoyJoy becomes a member of InsurLab Germany.

LoyJoy Joins InsurLab Germany: Paving New Paths in Insurance Innovation

We are thrilled to announce that LoyJoy, with our conversational marketing platform, is now a proud member of InsurLab Germany, Germany’s pioneering industry platform fostering innovation in the insurance industry.

LoyJoys CEO Ulf Loetschert with the letter of acceptance.

LoyJoys CEO Ulf Loetschert with the letter of acceptance.

About InsurLab Germany

InsurLab Germany is at the forefront of driving digital transformation in the insurance industry. It facilitates valuable collaborations and exchanges between corporates, startups, and scale-ups, nurturing an ecosystem ripe for innovative insurance solutions.

As one of twelve hubs in Germany, InsurLab Germany is part of the Digital Hub Initiative "de:hub" of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action and is the official competence center for the InsurTech scene in Germany.

As a hub for innovation in the insurance industry, fostering collaboration among startups, corporations, and research institutions. It offers a dynamic platform for members to develop and implement digital solutions, enhancing the insurance landscape through technology and innovation. InsurLab connects various stakeholders, providing resources and support to drive digital transformation in the insurance sector.

InsurLab Germany in figures: 102 member companies. 12+ new members in 2022. 220+ Pre-qualified start-ups & scale-ups in the network. 269 Match making initiated in 2022. 13+ New collaborations initiated by us in the market in 2022. 3325+ Visitors at our events in 2022.

A Synergistic Partnership

The integration of LoyJoy into InsurLab Germany is a remarkable achievement. LoyJoy’s conversational marketing platform is highly compatible with InsurLab’s goal of fostering innovation in the insurance industry, ensuring a promising partnership in pioneering transformative solutions. LoyJoy offers several valuable use cases for the insurance industry, including streamlining the application process, generating leads, enhancing customer care through live chat, speeding up claims processing, and running campaigns to educate about new products and respond to inquiries.

The LoyJoy platform shown on a Mac Book.

Looking Ahead

This partnership represents more than just membership; it’s a commitment to mutual growth and the co-creation of value-driven, customer-centric insurance products and services. Our aim is to leverage this collaboration to bring about a transformative impact on the insurance industry.

In a short Interview our CEO Ulf Loetschert told Insurlab Germany why we wanted to become a member, what is important to us and how we want to get involved. Read the full interview here.

The combination of LoyJoy’s technological prowess and InsurLab Germany’s visionary approach marks a new era of insurance innovation. We look forward to exploring the many opportunities this collaboration presents, ultimately benefiting our customers and the broader insurance industry.

Stay tuned for our journey with InsurLab Germany and the innovative strides we will make together in reshaping the future of insurance.

-by Steffen Wichtrup

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