LoyJoy at the DMEXCO 2021: How to Use Chatbots for Your Marketing Success

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A notebook with an open tab of last years DMEXCO online event.

LoyJoy at the DMEXCO 2021: How to Use Chatbots for Your Marketing Success

7 and 8 September 2021 has been reserved for the DMEXCO2021. It was a pleasure for LoyJoy to be back at the DMEXCO! More than 600 speakers and over 20,600 visitors joined this year’s DMEXCO@home. It was now due to COVID the second time that the DMEXCO could be watched comfortably from home. The speakers gave insights on important digital and social topics and created strong statements and emotional moments for all the visitors.

What Is the DMEXCO?

The DMEXCO- Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference- is Europe’s leading digital marketing & tech event. It is the meeting place and a community for key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation. They bring together industry leaders, marketing and media professionals, and tech pioneers to set the digital agenda. Both globally informed and locally focused, DMEXCO offers an ecosystem with seminars, debates, expositions, and masterclasses outlining the future of the digital economy and driving market value.

LoyJoy Was Interviewed by the DMEXCO

What happened before the DMEXCO?

Our CEO Ulf Loetschert has had an interview with the DMEXCO before the event itself. The interview was about LoyJoy on “joyvertising”, conversational software, and its presence at DMEXCO @home. They talked about new priorities, old values and of course the upcoming DMEXCO@home. In the interview, readers can learn more about the core value of “joyvertising” and what LoyJoy has had planned for DMEXCO @home 2021.

”Through gamification, we bring ‘joy’ to the conversation in order to boost conversions. Instead of a one-sided inundation of ads, that creates a mutual, interactive dialogue – in a word: joyvertising.

(Ulf Loetschert, CEO LoyJoy)

How to Use Chatbots For Your Marketing Success

It was the 5th time LoyJoy was delighted to be part of Europe’s leading marketing event! At the DMEXCO 2021 LoyJoy gave exciting insights about “Because Conversations Convert Better: How to Use Chatbots for Your Marketing Success”💥

Our CEO Ulf F. Loetschert was pleased to talk about our business idea and about our mission: There is more to chatbots than answering support questions, much more. Our mission is to provide customer-friendly access to business processes via chat. The LoyJoy Platform empowers brands to become conversational. People love to chat and it has become the no. 1 communication channel. With LoyJoy, brands can leverage the simplicity, convenience and joy of conversations to achieve their goals.

But first a question you might ask yourself…

Why Should You Care About LoyJoy

That’s probably the most important part for you. So let me give you three numbers here.

  1. 90% of consumers today chat regularly. That includes all age groups, from their grandparents to Gen Z. That means that your customers are already chatting, so maybe you should join them!

  2. A very recent study has shown that chat has become the favorite channel of customers- the number 1 of digital channels to communicate. So this even strengthens the reason why you should chat with your customers.

  3. The 3rd number is a number from our customer base, that we’re very proud of: 3x conversion. LoyJoy is able to triple the conversion if you switch from a rather static, form-based website to a LoyJoy gamified chat. So give it a try!

Why should you care about LoyJoy? 90% of consumers regularly chat (Bitkom 2019), Chat is the most popular digital channel (Yougov 2021), LoyJoy is able to triple conversion rates.

Building a Chat Together in 3 Minutes- Live at the DMEXCO

To give the visitors a glimpse of how working with LoyJoy can look like, our CEO presented the real-world example of DFB, the German Football Association and how they managed to get more leads through Instagram in this case. So in short: There was a story on Instagram where you could win tickets, then you would swipe up and the LoyJoy chat would start immediately to talk to your consumers!

So what LoyJoy does here is to turn the conversation of the typical chatbot around. The chat tells you what it wants from you and not the other way round. And there you go, answering a little quiz and enjoying great animations. In the end you got a very, very high conversion rate. Voilà!

On the left side a text "We empower brands to move fast". On the right, two people sit across from each other with a notebook and a cup of coffee, laughing.

And that fits our mission: The mission of LoyJoy is to empower brands to build conversations quickly, easily and publish them wherever they want.

Our goal is to empower you!

(Ulf Loetschert, CEO LoyJoy)

Watch the Whole Video

And now check out our blog post of last year. Find out what Martin Boehm, CEO of Beiersdorf has to do with LoyJoy and the DMEXCO 2020!

P.S. LoyJoy has some exciting news to reveal and will be showcasing it’s new Shopify integration feature that lets users check out directly in the chat. Other shop APIs are in the works. So stay tuned! It’s just the beginning.

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