💥 LoyJoy's New Knowledge Feature & Live Chat 2.0

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An example for Search as you type. You get instant results as soon as you start writing.

💥 LoyJoy’s New Knowledge Feature & Live Chat 2.0

Happy new year and to great conversations! 2023 starts off with our winter release.

Why the Brand New Knowledge Feature Rocks 🦸🦸

Brand New Knowledge Feature

🔍 Search as you type. Customers get instant results as soon as they start writing.

🪄 The brand new “Magic Fill” feature uses generative AI to improve the search.

💬 Connect articles with processes for powerful automation.

The Possibilities of the New Asynchronous Live Chat

Live Chat 2.0

✨ No matter if you are off- or online, your customers can message you all the time.

🔔 Answer when you’re back online and your customers will get a notification.

🔀 Customers can be in the Live Chat and interact with other experiences at the same time. A chat icon will appear when an agent is available and ready to chat.

🔙 If the agent ends the Live Chat, the customer can re-enter and return to the conversation.

👁️ In your new Live Chat Cockpit you get insights into customers’ key data and can see which website they are visiting and have visited before.

Check Out more of the Top Highlights

🚀 Copy and paste modules at any place in your process.

🖨️ Print chat experiences for documentation purposes.

🙋 Everyone now can add users. An owner can approve the invitation.

⚠️ Broken links are detected automatically and you’ll receive a warning message.

Have fun building conversations! If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to support you.

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