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Launching now: Christmas Campaigns by Deutsche Telekom, NIVEA on LoyJoy

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An advent calendar with the song lyric "Its the most wonderful time of the year."

Launching now: Christmas Campaigns by Deutsche Telekom, NIVEA on LoyJoy

Deutsche Telekom Is Wowing Its Customers With Not One but Two Advent Calendars ✨

Day one of the Telekom advent calendar opened on a mobile device.

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The freely accessible Advent calendar offers customers and prospects daily Christmas quizzes, a total of 800 prizes, information on Telekom products and playfully collects marketing permissions.

The MagentaEINS Advent calendar illustrates how LoyJoy can be used to improve customer value and loyalty.

The Telekom advent calendar opened on a mobile device.

Deutsche Telekom built an exclusive loyalty campaign with lovely and hand-illustrated details. The Advent Calendar tells its customers a beautiful Christmas story over 24 days. The 7-digit number of MagentaEINS customers will receive a personalised invitation link by postcard, email or MMS.

NIVEA And Eucerin Light up Their Customers’ Christmas Days 🎄

Global consumer goods group Beiersdorf trusts LoyJoy for the Christmas campaigns of its NIVEA and Eucerin brands. Customers have daily brand touchpoints throughout Advent. The Advent calendar collects valuable customer data and acquires new members for the loyalty programs, including marketing permissions. Thanks to its huge success, NIVEA is using LoyJoy for the second year in a row.

The Nivea Advent Calendar on a mobile phone.

In addition to NIVEA and Eucerin Germany, the Advent calendars have also been launched in the UK, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and South Africa.

Eucerin Advent Calendar Expands to 4 Countries 🌏

Eucerin lights up their consumers’ Christmas days all over the world – thanks to joyful interactions and fun animations built on the LoyJoy platform.
Customers in France, Sweden, Austria, and Germany sign up for the Eucerin Newsletter to get access to the Advent calendar.

The German version of the Eucerin Advent Calendar on a mobile phone.

Eucerin Sweden motivates their customers to start and continue the dialogue with LoyJoy’s motivational power of joy.

Eucerin Swedens version of the Advent Calendar.

Post your individual prices and manage them on the LoyJoy platform. The customers have the chance to participate and win great prizes daily.

Explore Even More Exciting LoyJoy Advent Calendars

Have a look at Kölln’s Advent Calendar. The beloved brand Kölln trusts LoyJoy to amaze their customers.

Check out the “Ich liebe Käse”- Advent Calendar from this year. Savencia impresses their customers with the LoyJoy Advent Calendar since 2018.

Take a Look at Customers’ Reactions to Last Year’s Advent Calendar ❄️

Customer Feedback in speech bubbles. Some examples are: Thats great! I am totally thrilled. Thanks. Thank you for the beautiful competition and your team beautiful third Advent.

Have a great Christmas time!

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