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Generative AI in Real-World Action: 5 Live Examples From LoyJoy Customers

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On the left side are the logos of the 5 companies. Diamant Zucker, Ottobock, RTL, Evangelische Bank and SCHOTT CERAN. On the right side is a text: "Generative AI in Real-World Action: 5 Live Examples From LoyJoy Customers."

Generative AI in Real-World Action: 5 Live Examples From LoyJoy Customers

Over the past months, several brands have launched new chat experiences based on the LoyJoy platform, which includes ChatGPT’s generative AI. These solutions provide their users with an entirely new customer experience. Now, users can engage in authentic conversations and ask any question they want, with the AI only answering questions about company-related issues. In this article, I would like to show you some examples of the GPT experience that LoyJoy has created with its partners. 🌟

1. Diamant Zucker: Recipe Suggestions for Culinary Enthusiasts 🍪

Diamant Zucker took the pioneering step as one of the first brands to leverage the new GPT feature of the LoyJoy platform. Through the new AI, Diamant customers can now interact with a conversational assistant that delivers the perfect recipe based on their personal taste. The experience uses the full range of Diamants’ recipe database to provide the best solution for Diamants’ customers in terms of recipes. Initially, baking aficionados were treated to an array of baking recipes. But why stop there? Diamant has since expanded their offerings, introducing recipes for not just bread and jam, but even some delightful liqueurs. 🍞🍓🥃 Cheers to innovative culinary explorations! 🥂 See for yourself See for yourself and be inspired by this extraordinary experience!

The Diamant Zucker chat experience is shown. Ask any question you have about a recipe or pick one of the two options. Search for new recipes and rate the results. Sign up for the Diamant newsletter.

2. Ottobock: Customized Conversational Consulting 🤖

Ottobock, the innovative manufacturer of prosthetic products, wanted to add the GPT component to its existing consultation chat. Now it feels more authentic, tailored specifically to each customer. With Ottobock’s rich database at its core, the chat not only covers product inquiries but also welcomes users’ unique questions, moving beyond the conventional fixed Q&A format. While the chat only answers questions about Ottobock, customers can now have their own questions answered via chat and are no longer limited to pre-set questions and answers. This innovative approach has not only elevated the user experience but also efficiently optimized their customer service operations. A telling metric? A whopping 65% of responses received a positive nod from users. 🌟🤩 That’s conversational excellence in action! 🚀 Try the chat out yourself!

The Ottobock US consultant chat experience is shown. Choose a predefined questions to get started or enter an individual question. Get the information you need and click the provided links to learn more. The chat only answers to business related questions. If needed, it forwards to agents.

3. RTL+: Personalized Customer Service Chat 📺

RTL+ is the streaming portal of the TV channel RTL. RTL wanted to implement an automated chat to relieve the customer service department and provide an automated round-the-clock service. But not just any automated solution — they envisioned swift implementation and hassle-free maintenance. RTL+ decided to work with LoyJoy and was one of the first customers to fully rely on generative AI. Now, RTL+ subscribers experience a chat not bound by rigid FAQs. From account modifications to intriguing queries, the chat addresses it all, in real-time. The chat went live without any AI training. Since then, it has outperformed every other contact channel. A staggering 90% of inquiries are resolved on-the-spot. That’s the future of customer service in the streaming era! 🌌🌠 Click here for RTL+. The chat is for customers only. However, there’s an option to try RTL+ for 30 days for free.

The RTL+ chat experience is shown. Customers ask questions freely. If required, transfer to ticket system possible. Questions about the RTL+ subscription are answered in the chat. Quality assurance is carried out by means of NPS surveys, among other things.

4. Evangelische Bank: Enhancing Customer Service with AI 🏦

Evangelische Bank, a specialist bank for customers in the church, healthcare, social services, retail, and private sectors, wants to support its customers with a completely new chat experience that includes ChatGPT. Customers can find all important information in the chat or input their individual questions. By integrating ChatGPT, Evangelische Bank has effectively streamlined their customer support processes, offering a more fluid and intuitive experience. The results speak for themselves, with a remarkable 95% of queries being successfully addressed. This is how Evangelische Bank demonstrates its commitment to first-class service and innovation. 🚀🏦 Explore next level customer service!

The Evangelische Bank chat experience is shown. Find all important topics or enter an individual question. The chat replies with relevant information and provides links to the sources. The chat will only answer to business related questions.

5. SCHOTT CERAN®: AI-Powered Product Service Chat 🍳

In their continuous pursuit of enhancing customer service, SCHOTT CERAN®, the leading German manufacturer of glass ceramic hobs, integrated a LoyJoy-based chat experience into their website. This chat doesn’t just handle FAQs. It provides users with the capability to ask free-form questions, which are adeptly addressed by the GPT AI. What’s even more impressive? The entire chat experience is available in 10 distinct languages, ensuring a vast majority of their international customers feel right at home while seeking assistance. 🌐🔥 Get all the answers you need with the new Service and Knowledge Chat!

The Schott CERAN chat experience is shown. Customers can choose one of the most popular questions or can ask a question freely, that is answered by GPT.
To monitor the quality of the chat, an NPS survey is conducted.

Turning Business Processes into Beautiful Conversations 🌟

Generative AI is transforming the marketing landscape, enabling brands to engage with their audiences in unprecedented ways. The future of marketing is conversational, and with platforms like LoyJoy, companies can seamlessly integrate AI-driven chat experiences into their strategy. Remember, it’s not about the technology; it’s about how it empowers brands to enrich their customer experience. Use the most natural form of interaction: Conversation! 🚀

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— by Steffen Wichtrup

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