Now Available in LoyJoy: AI Like ChatGPT, but Exclusively for Your Company

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On the left hand side it is mentioned that the GPT AI is available for your company today and that it answers questions about your business and nothing else. On the right hand side a smartphone with an opened Chatbot that was created using the LoyJoy Platform is shown.

Now Available in LoyJoy: AI Like ChatGPT, but Exclusively for Your Company

LoyJoy is now offering exclusive access to the AI technology behind ChatGPT. This AI will answer all questions related to the company, and nothing else. Recently, OpenAI’s GTP technology has created a lot of hype with its compelling text understanding and generation capabilities.

LoyJoy is happy to announce the integration of GPT-3, the powerful AI behind ChatGPT, into its Conversational Platform. Customers can sign up now to become one of the first users.

”This is not an announcement; the integration is now available to all customers,” emphasizes Dr. Ulrich Wolffgang, CTO of LoyJoy.

The AI becomes the third pillar of the software, alongside the unique chat-based process engine and the live chat.

”We adapt the ChatGPT technology for companies in an automated process. Existing websites and documents form the basis for the AI’s answers. The AI understands the content of customer questions and generates answers autonomously, but only based on the provided data,” says Dr. Wolffgang.

LoyJoy is the unique combination of chat-based process automation, the AI behind ChatGPT and live agents. The look and feel of the chat can be tailored to the brand. The chat can be deployed on websites, customer portals, native apps and social media like Instagram and TikTok. Especially high-reach platforms like TikTok are suitable as the conversion rate can be increased by up to 300% through the use of the chat.

The already proven features of LoyJoy, such as creating chat processes with drag and drop without programming, go hand in hand with the new AI. We then connect GPT’s intelligence with our corporate customers’ processes and legacy systems. Over 80 technical BPMN modules are already available, and employees can take over the chat live or in a time-delayed manner.

LoyJoy is a technology company from Münster, Germany. The LoyJoy Conversational Platform supports companies with their chat-based communication with their customers. Companies like Deutsche Telekom, Beiersdorf AG, Melitta, Vaillant and Volksbanken are already using LoyJoy.

— by Ulf Loetschert

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