Employ ChatGPT as Your Company-Specific Chatbot in the LoyJoy Platform

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On the left is text "LoyJoy turns ChatGPT into ProcessGPT". On the right is a screenshot of the LoyJoy platform.

Employ ChatGPT as Your Company-Specific Chatbot in the LoyJoy Platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an essential part of software products in today’s world and has become a commodity. At least since March 1, 2023, we have been living in a world where AI is abundant. On that day, US-based OpenAI released the ChatGPT API, making arguably the most powerful AI we know globally available. At the same time, the release reduced prices for comparable AI by over 90%. With the introduction of GPT-3.5 and the further development by GPT-4, large language models are on the rise. Calling this a milestone does not seem to be an exaggeration given the current developments around ChatGPT. Companies can now take advantage of AI to streamline their business processes and make them more efficient.

GPT and Its Potential for Enterprises

Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) is a so-called Large Language Model that has been trained on a large amount of data and improved by human reinforcement learning to understand and respond to natural language. By combining ChatGPT with LoyJoy’s Conversational Marketing Platform, businesses can streamline their processes and handle customer inquiries more effectively. Whether it’s product information, purchase offers or recording complaints, with ChatGPT processes can be handled faster and more efficiently.

The OpenAI Logo and the LoyJoy Logo.

How GPT Works

GPT is primarily a predictive AI model where a given input is entered and the model generates an output word by word. Unlike a human who thinks about how to construct a longer answer, the model proceeds word by word and predicts the next likely word. The input text is converted into a mathematical construct using high-dimensional vectors called embeddings. These embeddings are then fed into the attention mechanism to weigh the influence of different words in generating a response. Essentially, it estimates the probability of each word following a given sequence of words. When given an input, such as a question or prompt, the AI analyzes it and then generates a response based on the patterns and structures it learned during its training phase. It generates the answer word by word, each time selecting the next word that has the highest probability of following the previous words, given what it learned during training.

A robot stands in a library and uses a laptop computer.

Data sources include websites, documents, and databases.

Differences Between GPT and Traditional Chatbot Approaches

The technology behind GPT is fundamentally different from previous AI technologies in chatbots. In traditional chatbots, the answers are predetermined and the AI works to correctly answer the customer’s free-form questions. Developing such chatbots is a very complex process, as developers must anticipate every possible user input and manually code appropriate responses, which is time-consuming and error-prone. In addition, given the wide range of possible user input, it is virtually impossible to create rules and scripts to cover all possible scenarios. As a result, these chatbots don’t scale well as complexity increases. GPT is an architectural change in an AI network used as a language model. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is based on this technology and has been trained on a large amount of data to provide human-like answers to questions. Unlike traditional chatbot approaches, GPT can understand questions regardless of how they are phrased and provide appropriate answers. This enables natural and personalized responses to customer questions.

The process of how the AI generates answers is described. First data is uploaded into the knowledge base of the LoyJoy platform. If a question is asked, the AI looks up where in the knowledge base the likelihood of getting the right answer is highest. This data is then transferred to the GPT prompt, where the AI uses only the data it found in the knowledge base to give an answer.

The process of how the AI generates an answer

Customization of ChatGPT to Company-Specific Requirements

To customize ChatGPT, companies need to integrate their own data and processes with the AI technology. Any documents and websites can be used as a basis. The data is transferred to a knowledge base in the LoyJoy platform and transformed into embeddings. The data is then enriched by a factor of 6 (upload 1 MB and generate 60 MB of embeddings). When a question is asked, the AI looks up where in this knowledge base the likelihood of getting the right answer is highest. This data is then transferred to the GPT prompt, where the AI uses only the data it found in the knowledge base to give an answer. In this way, the AI can provide company-specific answers and thus offer customers a natural and authentic chat experience. Important for the quality of the generated answers is the quality of the knowledge base. Here, the focus should be on quality instead of quantity. The good thing is that no separate training is required, existing data can simply be used. However, careful curation of the data is critical to the success of the application. This allows ChatGPT to work seamlessly with the company’s existing systems to provide better solutions and services to customers.

Three phones with an opened Chatbot are displayed. All of them show the Diamant Zucker chatbot, that was created using the LoyJoy Platform. Users can find baking recipes by simply asking questions about a recipe.

Customers can enter anything, but the AI only answers business-related questions that have been previously implemented.

Cost and GDPR Compliance

Using ChatGPT has become extremely cost-effective thanks to a recent 90% price reduction, making it even more attractive to businesses. The cost of GPT consists mainly of using interfaces that have already become cheaper, and competition is expected to lower prices further.

When it comes to data protection, there are ways to process data securely and ensure GDPR compliance. OpenAI and Microsoft Azure offer access to the Business API interface. Both provide an up-to-date Data Protection Agreement (DPA), and Microsoft Azure offers a storage location that includes Western Europe, so no data needs to be stored outside the EU. In addition, since 01.03.23, the data is no longer used to improve the algorithm and the data is deleted after 30 days.

Easy Entry for Companies

Getting started using ChatGPT and LoyJoy Conversational Platform is simple and straightforward. Companies can benefit from this revolutionary technology and optimize their business processes to provide a better customer experience. To customize GPT for the company, a company’s documents and web pages are first read in. Based on this, the chatbot can generate answers to questions about this company. It also understands questions asked in different languages or with different spellings. With the help of LoyJoy’s Conversational Marketing Platform, companies can improve the personal customer experience, conversion rates and loyalty of their customers. LoyJoy offers a no-code approach to this. Through the BPMN process engine, more than 80 business process modules can be used via drag & drop. In addition, the LoyJoy platform enables process automation without media breaks and integration with inventory systems such as Salesforce or Hubspot.


ChatGPT is a groundbreaking advancement in the AI-powered Conversational Platform. By integrating ChatGPT with the LoyJoy Conversational Platform, companies can streamline their processes, handle customer inquiries more efficiently, and provide a better customer experience. Getting started is easy, cost-effective and privacy-friendly.

The AI revolution is here, and it’s changing the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. With ChatGPT and the LoyJoy Conversational Platform, companies can take advantage of this revolutionary technology and optimize their business processes. It’s an exciting time to be alive, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

For further information visit one of our ChatGPT webinars.

— by Steffen Wichtrup

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