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Successful Gen AI Project of Trianel GmbH, Stadtwerke Herne AG and LoyJoy 🚀

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Phone displaying LoyJoy chatbot for Stadtwerke Herne chat.

At LoyJoy we are convinced that cooperation and partnership are vital for long-term success. Therefore we are proud to present to you our latest joint project. Together with our partner Trianel and Stadtwerke Herne we enable the use of AI in customer service for municipal utilities through an innovative AI chatbot called “Erna”.

Energy companies are facing challenging times with political decisions, global crises and rising energy costs. As a result, the pressure on customer service is immense. How can the LoyJoy conversation platform help?

Based on the LoyJoy conversational platform, a chat experience that is able handle customer inquiries with precise and speedy answers was launched. The chatbot “Erna” is designed to provide customers with quick and accurate answers to their questions. The chatbot is available 24/7 and can be accessed through the Stadtwerke Herne website.

Training Erna: A Blend of Technology and Human Insight

Based on data collection from the Stadtwerke Herne website, existing documents, and newly generated content, the chatbot provides reliable answers and quickly delivers impressive results. Powered by this extensive knowledge base and fine-tuned for coherence and accuracy, Erna can assist with a range of inquiries, from meter readings to payment adjustments. This dedication ensures that Erna provides not only fast but also reliable support.

The Stadtwerke Herne chat experience.

The Impact of AI on Customer Service

The introduction of Erna marks a significant shift in how customer service can be envisioned. By efficiently handling standard queries, Erna allows the customer service team at Stadtwerke Herne to allocate more time to complex, personal interactions. This transformation aligns with the broader objective of the project: to leverage AI for making customer service more responsive and human-centric. This approach is a win-win for both the customer and the company, as it ensures that customer service is not only efficient but also personalized.

The Road Ahead

As Stadtwerke Herne and Trianel continue to refine Erna, the project serves as a beacon for other forward-thinking utilities. With its blend of efficiency and accuracy, AI is setting a new standard for customer service. It is inspiring us to rethink not only how we respond to customer needs, but also how we foster deeper connections in an increasingly digital world. The future of customer service is here, and it’s deeply human.

Watch the Case Video

The collaboration between Stadtwerke Herne, Trianel GmbH and LoyJoy represents a significant step forward in the use of artificial intelligence in the utilities sector. More than just a chatbot, Erna represents a future where technology enhances our ability to empathize and understand, making every customer interaction count.

Join us on this journey to revolutionize customer service. Let’s make your service stand out. Are you ready to lead with innovation? Book your DEMO today!

— by Steffen Wichtrup

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