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Unwrapping Joy: Advent Calendars Powered by LoyJoy 🎄🗓️

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A cozy room decorated for Christmas on a winter's day.

Unwrapping Joy: Advent Calendars Powered by LoyJoy 🎄🗓️

Welcome to the festive world of Conversational Experiences! As we enter the holiday season, we’re thrilled to showcase the enchanting Advent Calendars crafted by our incredible customers using the LoyJoy platform. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the magic of personalized, interactive advent calendars that not only count down the days to the holidays but also create memorable moments for users.

Take a Look at Some of Last Year’s Highlights

To kick things off, let’s draw inspiration from the successful Christmas campaigns launched by customers in the past. These businesses leveraged the LoyJoy Platform to deliver delightful conversations to their audience. From exclusive promotions to engaging daily surprises, these campaigns set a high standard for holiday-themed Conversational Experiences. Here are some of them. 🎄

👉 Here’s a short video of last year’s advent calendars.

This Year’s Advent Calendars

As we are approaching Chrstmas, let’s take a look at this year’s highlights. 🌟

Each calendar promises a unique blend of surprises, offers, and engaging content, all made possible by the innovative capabilities of LoyJoy’s Conversational Marketing Platform. Win awesome prizes and become an expert on different products. There’s a huge variety of brands that created Advent Calendars with the LoyJoy Platform.

Here are some highlights: 👇

The three Advent Calendar experiences of CosmosDirekt, eucerin austria and ich liebe Kä are shown.

👉 CosmosDirekt, the leading direct insurer in Germany, has started a lottery where you can win great prizes every day and refresh your knowledge about the different types of insurance. 🛡️

👉 Eucerin Austria, the renowned skincare brand, is giving away a package filled with their products worth €399. 😍

👉 ich-liebe-kä, the German cheese brand of Savencia, is also giving away prizes every day. PS: Every participant has a chance to win the main prize. 🧀

The three Advent Calendar experiences of Westerwald Bank, eucerin spain and brita netherlands are shown.

👉 Who says finance can’t be joyful? 🤩 Take part in the Westerwald Bank Christmas Raffle and with a little luck you could win an incredible prize 🚀.

👉 Feliz Adviento y suerte con este calendario de Adviento. 🎄 Get in the Christmas spirit with the Eucerin Spain Advent Calendar. Win prizes and become an expert on Eucerin products. 🚀

👉, expert for water optimization and individualization, has created an Advent Calendar that gives you the chance to win great BRITA products every day. 🎁

The three Advent Calendar experiences of Volksbank Köln Bonn, pure cannabis and brita belgium are shown.

👉 At Volksbank Köln Bonn they’re giving away different prizes. Come back to see the whole variety. 🎁

👉 Take your chance to win a huge X-Mas CBD package worth 250 CHF from Pure-Cannabis, the Swiss cannabis pioneer. 🎄

👉 gives away awesome BRITA products too. Don´t miss your chance to win them! 🚀

As we anticipate the holidays, we’re reminded that the true heroes of these advent calendars are our customers. It’s their creativity, combined with the power of the LoyJoy platform, that turns these calendars into memorable and meaningful interactions. Stay tuned for updates on these calendars and unwrap joy this holiday season with Conversational Experiences that go beyond expectations. 🎁

Ready to transform your brand’s holiday experience? Explore the possibilities with LoyJoy’s Conversational Marketing Platform and turn the holiday season into a conversation that lasts. Request your Demo today and get started!

— by Steffen Wichtrup

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