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ALDIventskalender 2023 – A Conversational Christmas Countdown Filled with Surprises

Embark on a festive journey with ALDI Nord and LoyJoy, and make every day of this holiday season a delightful surprise. Happy holidays, and good luck with the ALDIventskalender! 🎁✨🎉

Dec 19, 2023

The ALDIventskalender website. Win daily prizes and a grand prize RV.
The ALDIventskalender website. Win daily prizes and a grand prize RV.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the festive spirit with the ALDIventskalender of ALDI Nord based on the LoyJoy platform. This unique digital Advent Calendar isn’t just about counting down to Christmas – it’s a daily celebration of surprises and a chance to win amazing prizes!

ALDI has over 110 years of retail tradition and more than 91,000 employees across Europe, making it the undisputed number one discount retailer in Germany.

🏆 Daily Surprises and a Grand Prize

Each day of the ALDIventskalender reveals a new chance to win a range of prizes, from tech products to unique experiences. Just open the digital door every day, take part in the daily Christmas quiz, and enter the prize draw. Sign up for a daily reminder to never miss opening a door. Also don’t miss the chance to sign up for ALDI Nord’s newsletter packed with the latest offers.  But that's not all – your chances of winning the grand prize grow every time you shop at ALDI. Upload your sales receipt in the Advent calendar and get the additional chance to win a camper van. This grand prize is designed to make your holiday season unforgettable!

The ALDIventskalender experience.

The ALDIventskalender

🎥 Experience the ALDIventskalender in Action

Don’t just take our word for it – see the ALDIventskalender in action! We’ve created a short video showcasing the Advent Calendar’s features, its conversational interface, and the joy it’s bringing to ALDI customers.

🚀 LoyJoy: Elevating the Holiday Experience

ALDI's collaboration with LoyJoy to create the ALDIventskalender represents the perfect blend of innovative technology and festive cheer. By using the LoyJoy platform, ALDI has transformed the traditional Advent Calendar into a dynamic, interactive experience. It goes beyond just counting down days – it’s about creating daily moments of joy and anticipation. As a result, the ALDIventskalender drives consumer engagement, conversion rates, and retention.

🌟 Join the Celebration

Don’t miss out on the fun! Head over to ALDI and start your festive journey with the ALDIventskalender. It’s more than an Advent Calendar – it’s a celebration of the holiday spirit, filled with surprises, joy, and the chance to win big, all while doing your holiday shopping.

Want to transform your holiday season into a joyful experience? Run your own Advent Calendar on the LoyJoy platform with ease. Request your DEMO today! 🚀

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