Successful insureNXT 2024 in Cologne! πŸŽ‰


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Erfolgreiche insureNXT 2024 in KΓΆln.

This year, we attended the insureNXT trade fair in Cologne for the first time. πŸŒ‡ The insureNXT is the international trade show for innovation in the insurance industry. Not only were we represented with a booth, but we were also able to hold a 45-minute Masterclass β€œFrom theory to practice: Create your Gen AI chatbot prototype”. πŸŽ“

And what can we say? Looking back, insureNXT was a complete success. πŸ™Œ Not only did many cuddly unicorns find a new home at the LoyJoy stand thanks to our competition (implemented on the LoyJoy Platform, of course), but Dr. Ulrich Wolffgang, Dr. Jonathan Schmitz and Felix Niemann were able to inform many interested visitors about the many possibilities of the LoyJoy Conversational Platform and also demonstrate practical use cases of the LoyJoy Platform in the masterclass. πŸ¦„πŸ—£οΈ

insureNXT 2024 in Cologne

The entire insurance industry is facing major challenges due to constantly changing technological requirements. As a member of InsurTech Hub Munich and InsurLab Germany, we are paving the way for innovation in the insurance industry. πŸš€

  • With our AI-driven conversation platform, we offer improved customer engagement and are breaking new ground in the digitalization of processes, for example through seamless claims reporting via chatbot. Insurance processes can be easily mapped via chatbot without the hassle of filling out forms.

  • Easy integration into social networks such as Instagram, TikTok and others means that insurance companies can always address their target group in a targeted manner.

  • With the help of generative AI, we utilize the advantages of advanced LLMs. Customer inquiries can be answered automatically in the chat, while the adaptability of the AI ensures that the response quality is always optimal. All GDPR-compliant, of course. The LLM is of course freely selectable, regardless of whether ChatGPT, Claude 3 or LLama 3 is preferred.

We were also able to present the voting for the insureNXT Innovators Award via LoyJoy Chat. All visitors were invited to start the voting via QR code and had the chance to vote live for their favorite in the four categories β€œStandalone Insurance Pioneer”, β€œCollaboration Champion”, β€œScience Visionary” and β€œCross Industry Bridgebuilder”. Congratulations to the four winners: πŸ†

  • πŸ† Category: β€žStandalone Insurance Pioneerβ€œ VAARHAFT
  • πŸ† Category: β€žCollaboration Championβ€œ SkenData GmbH & Schleswiger Versicherungsverein a. G.
  • πŸ† Category: β€žScience Visionaryβ€œ R+V Versicherung & EBS UniversitΓ€t fΓΌr Wirtschaft und Recht
  • πŸ† Category: β€žCross Industry Bridgebuilderβ€œ Philips Pregnancy+

The voting shown on a smartphone

A successful two days all round. We are already looking forward to next year. Contact us so that together we can find ways to make your insurance business strong for the future. πŸ’ͺ🀝

β€” by Steffen Wichtrup

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