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Transforming Brands Into Conversations: 5 LoyJoy Customer Success Stories That Spark Excellence 🚀

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5 Customer success stories that spark excellence. Featuring Kölln, Ferrero, Puky, Congstar and Melitta.

Transforming Brands Into Conversations: 5 LoyJoy Customer Success Stories That Spark Excellence 🚀

Welcome to our roundup of five incredible customer success stories that show how brands have successfully turned conversations into conversions, all thanks to the power of the LoyJoy Conversational Marketing Platform. 🌟

These brands have one thing in common: They understand that the hero of every story is the customer. From Kölln’s raffle-based emotional connection to Melitta’s smooth cashback process, we’ve got insights that will leave you inspired and ready to take action. 🚀

So, let’s dive right in and see how these brands have transformed their business processes into beautiful conversations. Shall we? 🤩

Kölln - Raffles Powered by Emotions

The Kölln raffle experience is displayed on a smartphone.

Business Goals

To increase newsletter subscriptions, beloved Oats manufacturer Kölln, uses the LoyJoy platform to implement raffles. By turning the experience into a conversation, Kölln captures the engagement of consumers.

Customers can take part in the raffle by simply answering the quiz and subscribing to the newsletter – solely in the chat.


Using the LoyJoy platform, Kölln creates a fun and educational customer experience. Customers learn about Kölln’s products and have the chance to win various prizes.

A staggering 86% of the sessions resulted in a raffle participation and the new subscriptions to the newsletter are at a very high level.

Ferrero - Summer Entertainment Quiz

The Ferrero summer quiz is displayed on a smartphone.

Business Goals

To increase digital customer engagement and the number of newsletter subscriptions, Ferrero wanted to introduce an exciting customer lottery at the beginning of the summer.

Customers can participate in a short quiz and win prizes when they sign up for the newsletter.


By using the LoyJoy conversation platform, this gamification contributes to an improved customer experience and promotes loyalty to the Kinder brand.

A high share of opened chats resulted in interaction, with an impressively high conversion rate.

Congstar - Get to Know Your Prepaid Top-up Personality

The Congstar top-up personality test is displayed on a smartphone.

Business Goals

To encourage customers to top up their prepaid credit, Congstar has added a chatbot to its top-up website. Customers can now take a small personality test and are then informed about the best top-up option for them.


Since the implementation of the LoyJoy platform, 54 % of the opened chats resulted in an interaction.

Puky - The Intuitive All Around Service Chat

The Puky service chat experience is displayed on a smartphone.

Business Goals

As one of Germany’s best-known manufacturers of children’s bicycles, sold through both brick-and-mortar retailers and its own website, digital marketing is an important factor for Puky.

In order to better support and advise the customer when buying a bicycle, a chatbot with various functions was implemented and integrated on the website.


Thanks to the convenient chat experience, common consumer questions are now answered automatically and instantly. Finding the nearest store and the right product is now done via chat.

For more specific questions the live chat option comes in handy.

Melitta - Loyalty With Coffee Flavor

The Melitta cashback chat experience is displayed on a smartphone.

Business Goals

Melitta, the famous and tradition-rich manufacturer of coffee and coffee machines, wants to excite coffee lovers with a delightful reward. When you purchase a coffee machine, you have the opportunity to receive a cashback.

A playfully simple cashback redemption process within a chat flow without media disruption is intended to increase sales of the machine.


In the chat, the product can be identified by barcode scan and it can be registered directly. The receipt upload only takes place after a successful AI check.

Shoppers are enthusiastic about the uncomplicated process.

The Art of Conversational Success 🏆

And there you have it! Five remarkable stories of how companies have harnessed the power of conversational experiences to achieve their business goals. 🎉 The LoyJoy platform has empowered these brands to not only engage with their customers on a deeply personal level but also to drive tangible results—from skyrocketing newsletter subscriptions to impressive conversion rates.

So, are you ready to write your brand’s success story? Contact us and let’s start turning your business processes into memorable, beautiful conversations today! ✨

Turn your brand into a conversation with LoyJoy. 🚀

— by Steffen Wichtrup

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