Success Cases


Savencia created a great Advent calendar for its customers in 2023, based on the LoyJoy platform. The calendar was published on the German website and offered daily changing prizes with the chance to win a travel voucher as the main prize.


Business Goals

For their 2023 Christmas campaign, Savencia, delighted their customers with an incredible conversational Advent calendar based on the LoyJoy platform.

Savencia is one of the first customers of the LoyJoy platform and the first Advent calendar already launched way back in 2018. The Savencia team continues to be an enthusiastic and avid user of LoyJoy.


Implemented on their German consumer platform, the Advent calendar offered daily changing prizes, with the chance to win a grand prize of a travel voucher.

Promoted on social media, it is a valuable traffic bringer with an each year bigger success. The calendar led to high participation numbers and a fantastic conversion rate!

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