zeb consulting Video Interview With LoyJoy's Founders.

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Interview with Ulf Loetschert and Dr. Ulrich Wolffgang, founders of LoyJoy.

zeb consulting Video Interview With LoyJoy’s Founders

The LoyJoy platform enables businesses to create seamless communication with their customers through chat. The traditional chatbot landscape, often characterized by generic and limited responses, is undergoing a significant shift. ChatGPT promises dynamic, personalized interactions that adapt to the specific needs of the business. LoyJoy uses ChatGPT to create an even better and more natural experience for customers, while ensuring that only company-specific answers are provided by the chatbot.

In the Interview our founders Dr. Ulrich Wolffgang and Ulf Loetschert talked about the potential of chatbots, which advancements are brought by ChatGPT, and how LoyJoy is innovating to meet the challenges and opportunities in this evolving landscape.

Ulrich, Ulf and Anna during the Interview

Ulrich highlighted the challenges and solutions for integrating domain-specific knowledge into these models. The key is to connect them to comprehensive knowledge bases. On the other hand, Ulf highlighted the importance of data quality, reminding us of the timeless principle of “garbage in, garbage out”. He emphasized that the quality of the generated answers lies in the quality of the knowledge base. The focus should be on quality rather than quantity. For the LoyJoy platform, the good thing is that no separate training is required, existing data can simply be used. However, careful curation of the data is critical to the success of the application. This allows ChatGPT to work seamlessly with the company’s existing systems to provide better solutions and services to customers.

One of the most exciting prospects discussed was the potential for hyper-personalized financial services using Chat GPT. Imagine an AI that doesn’t just answer your questions, but also initiates processes based on those interactions, such as triggering a bank transfer. Sounds like the future? Well it is there already and available for all LoyJoy customers. Combining ChatGPT with LoyJoy’s powerful BPMN process engine makes process automation via chat a breeze

Ulf and Ulrich also touched on the development of LoyJoy. Working with banks and insurance companies meant adhering to strict privacy standards. Ulrich shared our innovative approach to this challenge: storing data client-side and transferring it directly to existing systems or databases, ensuring that no data is stored on additional servers.

The world of chatbots is on the verge of significant change. With the LoyJoy Conversational Marketing Platform, businesses and customers alike will benefit from automated chat experiences.

Watch the full interview here.

— by Steffen Wichtrup

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