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What You Can Expect From Now on: Highlights of Our August 2021 Release

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What You Can Expect From Now on: Highlights of Our August 2021 Release

The last months featured a ton of updates to the LoyJoy platform. Check out our Top 4 Highlights below.

The LoyJoy platform with the new search bar in the top left corner.

Our first highlight is the new search bar. Thanks to the new search bar you can now find any text instantly. You can just click on it and search for any text in any experience and go to the exact location with ease. It searches through all of your chatbots and experiences! The new search bar helps you a lot if you want to change any specific words. It shows you immediately where you can find the word and you can then change it there directly. Makes it a lot easier for you!

No. 2: The Updated Process Module Palette

Different process modules are ordered in two groups. Loyalty (loyalty points, loyalty sharing, loyalty recommendation and rewards.) and Integration (Beiersdorf, campaign monitor, cleverreach, google Pub/sub, Mini-programme, procampaign, reachfive and salesforce interaction studio.)

The second highlight has to do with our process modules: They now have categories with different topics! The modules are ordered by priority, starting with the essential process modules. And what’s also new, you can filter and search through the modules by name, group name, and tags. On top of that, the palette can be switched to fullscreen view to show process module previews. This will help you discover new and interesting modules. Now, you can try out over 80 exciting modules! Give it a go!

No. 3: Embed External Content

A chat experience, where a Youtube video is embedded.

Let’s move on to our third highlight: the possibility to embed external content. For example, if you paste a YouTube link in the chat, the updated external link module will automatically grab information from YouTube: the title, the description, the preview image. And in addition to that, you can now embed the link content in the chat. It will work for your Spotify playlist, for YouTube and a lot more content.

So from now on your customers don’t have to jump to another website but can check out everything directly in the chat.

No. 4: No Sign-In Module Required Anymore

A chat experience, where a customer typed in his name to participate in a raffle.

Our fourth highlight is the change of the sign-in module. Until now many modules required a sign-in module which will always create a customer in LoyJoy’s data base. But there are a lot of use cases where you want to collect personal data and rather transfer the data directly in your systems than to create a customer in LoyJoy.

With our latest release, several process modules do not require a sign-in module anymore: First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthdate, Phone, Postal Address etc.
Of course as soon as you add a sign-in module, it will still create a customer account and it will store the information there.

Watch The Release Video

If you want to know even more about our latest Releases, just click on the video or follow the link to get there: https://youtu.be/2vHbjbJySu4

Stay tuned!

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