LoyJoy Is Now Making the AI Technology Behind ChatGPT Available to Companies (Press Release)

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Three phones with an opened Chatbot are displayed. All of them show the Ottobock chatbot, that was created using the LoyJoy Platform.

LoyJoy Is Now Making the AI Technology Behind ChatGPT Available to Companies (Press Release)

OpenAI technology enables smart chats on websites, apps and social media channels in the LoyJoy Platform.

Münster, February 14th 2023 – What if I only had ChatGPT for my own purposes? If artificial intelligence, equipped with the knowledge of the world, only answered my customers from my perspective? This next escalation in the use of AI is currently electrifying business leaders. And it already exists: LoyJoy, a technology company from Münster, is integrating the AI GPT-3 into its LoyJoy Conversational Platform.

The experience of chatting with the various chatbots on corporate websites today varies. All too often, customers reach a dead end when the AI reaches its limits and abandon the chat in frustration. This is annoying and costly for businesses, as customers turn away and may leave a bad review online. A well-functioning chat would be a huge opportunity: “We want to make life better for our users. Our users can formulate their questions freely and get a good answer in a matter of seconds,” says Oliver Adekunle, Head of Marketing Technology at medical technology company Ottobock, the global market leader in prosthetics. The LoyJoy platform with the AI GPT-3 is already being tested there and is about to go live.

The AI Answers Company-Related Questions and Carries out Appropriate Actions

In practice, it looks like this: When customers go to the website, they can ask their specific questions about the company and its products. The AI-based chat provides competent information based on company data without appearing artificial or stilted. In conjunction with the process platform in LoyJoy, the AI can also carry out the appropriate actions, such as making bookings. This procedure is called “ActionGPT”. Users’ concerns are dealt with directly in the chat - without media discontinuity.

In addition to their own websites, companies can also use the AI on TikTok and Instagram or their own app: “This type of process automation is accepted when the language comes across as natural and personal, and it works”, emphasizes Ulf Loetschert, CEO of LoyJoy. It works so well that his regular webinars on the topic are usually fully booked.

About LoyJoy:

LoyJoy offers a so-called “Conversational Platform”: chat-based BPMN process automation and a live chat tool - now supplemented by GPT AI. The platform enables business processes to be modeled, implemented and executed as a chat with just a few clicks. The basis is clear: chats increase customer enthusiasm, conversion rates and service efficiency. The Münster-based tech company, founded in 2018, counts Deutsche Telekom, Beiersdorf AG, Melitta, Vaillant and Volksbanken among its customers.

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