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Is LoyJoy a Suitable Alternative to e-Bot7?

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Is LoyJoy a Suitable Alternative to e-Bot7?

Is LoyJoy a Suitable Alternative to e-Bot7?

In the fast-paced world of customer communication and service automation, companies are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve their customer interactions. With the recent acquisition of e-Bot7 by Liveperson and the subsequent discontinuation of the platform, many companies are now looking for a suitable replacement. In this blog post, we will explore whether LoyJoy can fill this void and why companies should seriously consider making the switch.

What Is e-Bot7?

Let’s start by understanding what made e-Bot7 such a popular choice. Founded in 2016, e-Bot7 set out to revolutionize the customer service experience by tackling the problem of long waiting times on service hotlines. Their AI-based system, powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence, provided efficient and automated solutions. New York-based conversational AI provider Liveperson acquired the startup in 2021.

e-bot7 is an automated customer communication solution that integrates with existing systems to improve customer service. The platform includes dashboard for analytics, an easy-to-use contextual dialog editor, and simple yet powerful AI.

An overview of the e-Bot7 chat editor is given. As well as an example, how to create a chatbot.


The e-Bot7 Chat Editor

What Are the Advantages of e-Bot7?

e-bot7 transforms customer support with its range of advantages. It offers instant support to customers by reducing waiting times. It reduces agent workload and therefore frees their capacity. Furthermore it delivers cost savings through automation, by optimizing resource allocation and minimizing the need for human intervention. The platform enables personalization, provides user-friendly tools, and offers valuable analytics. e-Bot7 offers integration capabilities with third-party tools, allowing data exchange with existing systems.

While customers have praised several aspects of the service, there have been some criticisms regarding certain issues. These include difficulties in embedding scripts that impact chatbot functionality, the need for design and interface improvements, limited reporting options, and a desire for additional tutorials in various languages.

What About LoyJoy?

So, where does LoyJoy fit into the picture? LoyJoy’s Conversational Marketing Platform has emerged as the go-to solution for brands aiming to boost personalization, conversion rates and customer loyalty. LoyJoy’s no-code approach cuts project times in half – or less. Its BPMN process engine is super simple. Just drag and drop process modules to create beautiful chat experiences. Offering over 80 process modules, such as interactive forms, photo snapshots, PDF creation, location search with Google Maps integration, NPS surveys, and integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot, LoyJoy empowers businesses with comprehensive process automation capabilities. Advanced AI based on Large Language Models, and human agents enhance the chat experience on-demand. Additionally, LoyJoy’s gamification component enables emotional customer engagement. This feature adds an element of fun and interaction to the customer experience.

An overview of the LoyJoy process editor is given. As well as an example, how to create a conversational experience.

The LoyJoy Process Editor

LoyJoy might be considered a chatbot platform, but it’s actually much more. In addition to leveraging AI to provide accurate responses, it seamlessly integrates with websites, native apps, Instagram, TikTok, and existing systems like Salesforce or Hubspot. This holistic approach combines the power of ChatGPT, process automation, and live agents into a single platform, delivering an exceptional customer experience. Renowned brands like Deutsche Telekom, Beiersdorf, and Melitta have already put their trust in LoyJoy.

The new ChatGPT feature adds the most powerful AI to the LoyJoy platform. The AI answers company-related questions and carries out appropriate actions. In real-world scenarios, customers visiting the website can engage in AI-powered chat to inquire about the company and its products. The chatbot utilizes company data to deliver knowledgeable responses that feel natural and authentic. Any documents and web pages can serve as a basis for the AI. Additionally, when integrated with LoyJoy’s process platform, the AI has the capability to swiftly execute relevant actions like making bookings. This innovative approach, known as “ActionGPT,” ensures a continuous chat experience without any interruptions or media transitions.

Pros and Cons of e-Bot7

Pros: Reduces workload through automation, scalability, third-party integration, personalization and optimization, easy-to- use tools, analytics and insights.  Cons: Updates and Support, as e-Bot7 will be discontinued, difficulties in embedding scripts that impact chatbot functionality, need for design and interface improvements, limited reporting options, no additional tutorials in different languages.

Why Should Customers Consider Switching to LoyJoy?

Now, let’s discuss why customers should seriously consider switching to LoyJoy. With e-Bot7 no longer an option, businesses need a reliable alternative. LoyJoy presents itself as a compelling choice, particularly for those looking to prioritize customer engagement, lead generation, and personalized interactions. Its No Code Process Engine enables businesses to quickly build engaging chat experiences, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and focus on marketing automation. By embracing LoyJoy, companies can unlock the potential for elevated customer interactions, improved lead generation, and a more personalized approach to customer engagement.

Feature Comparison

Feature comparison: e-Bot7: No Code Editor (yes), Live-Chat (yes), Third Party Integration (yes), CRM System Integration (yes), Intent-based NLU (yes), Analytics dashboard (yes), GPT AI (no), Smart search (no), Gamification (no), Expression engine (no) / LoyJoy: No Code Editor (yes), Live-Chat (yes), Third Party Integration (yes), CRM System Integration (yes), Intent-based NLU (yes), Analytics dashboard (yes), GPT AI (yes), Smart search (yes), Gamification (yes), Expression engine (yes)

At LoyJoy, we are passionate about fostering meaningful conversations and delivering exceptional results. We firmly believe in the transformative power of our platform in enhancing customer interactions. If you’re ready to explore the potential of LoyJoy for your business, we invite you to schedule a personalized demo with us. We are excited to embark on this journey of enhanced customer engagement together!

— by Steffen Wichtrup

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