How NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid Score Consumer Conversion and Engagement With Conversational Marketing

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DMEXCO 2022. How NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid Score Consumer Conversion and Engagement With Conversational Marketing.

How NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid Score Consumer Conversion and Engagement With Conversational Marketing

In the world of sports, football fans are known for their unwavering loyalty and passion for their favorite teams. But how can brands tap into this enthusiasm and effectively engage with these fans? NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid have found a winning formula through a successful collaboration. Based on the LoyJoy Conversational Marketing Platform, NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid created the NIVEA MEN Fan Club. Together, the two world-class brands deepened their long-standing partnership and interactively introduced Real Madrid fans to the NIVEA MEN product line, turning them into NIVEA MEN fans.

The Power of Conversation

To enrich the customer experience, the NIVEA MEN Fan Club was created as an interactive chat experience. Beiersdorf, the company behind NIVEA MEN, discovered the potential of conversation to strengthen its 1:1 relationship with customers. Together with LoyJoy, several chat experiences were created to increase personalization, customer loyalty and engagement. The LoyJoy Conversational Marketing Platform offers a no-code approach that cuts project times in half. Its BPMN process engine is super easy. Simply drag and drop process modules to create beautiful chat experiences. Advanced AI and human agents enhance the chat experience on demand. Chat integrates seamlessly with websites, apps, Instagram, and TikTok.

Ben Polter at the DMEXCO 2022.

In the Masterclass, Ben Polter mentioned different versions of chat experiences that have been created with the LoyJoy platform, so let’s take a look at the experiences that have come out of the collaboration between Beiersdorf and LoyJoy.

NIVEA MEN and LoyJoy a Successful Cooperation

One of the first chatbots NIVEA launched with LoyJoy was an Advent Calendar Chatbot. During the Christmas season, consumers could interact with the chatbot daily, answering quizzes and receiving news about the NIVEA brand. Ben Polter noted that the success of the Advent Calendar led to its expansion to other countries around the world and the creation of other chatbots for different occasions, such as Easter and Mother’s Day, as well as for product launches, such as the NIVEA Magnesium Dry product launch.

The NIVEA Magnesium Dry chat experience is shown. Customers can enter  a raffle and learn about product features.

The NIVEA Magnesium Dry Chatbot

NIVEA MEN Fan Club Chatbot

Building on this success, NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid collaborated to create the NIVEA MEN Fan Club Chatbot. Designed to engage football fans and educate them about NIVEA MEN products, the chatbot featured playful and engaging interactions. Fans could take quizzes about Real Madrid, such as identifying specific goals, and learn about NIVEA MEN products tailored to their skin needs. The easy integration of the chat experience with social media led to a seamless customer experience, and made it easy to promote the chatbot on channels like Instagram. Consumers were connected directly to the chatbot by opening the link in Instagram.

The NIVEA MEN Fan Club chat experience is shown. Users can enter a quiz and learn about NIVEA MEN products for different skin conditions.

The NIVEA MEN Fan Club Chatbot

Impressive Results

The NIVEA MEN Fan Club chatbot achieved impressive results. It had a 62% conversion rate, meaning that 62% of users who interacted with the chatbot provided their data and signed up for the membership. In addition, emails sent to these consumers had a 41% click-through rate (CTR), demonstrating the chatbot’s effectiveness in engaging users. The chatbot’s sharing functionality, which allowed users to share the chatbot with friends on social media, was also well received.

The collaboration between NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid demonstrates the potential of chatbots to engage consumers, especially when combined with familiar themes such as football. For Ben Polter, the success of the NIVEA MEN Fan Club chatbot highlights the importance of interactive and seamless user experiences to keep consumers engaged.

Watch the full Masterclass video here

— by Steffen Wichtrup

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