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The Solution to Turn Your Brand Into a Conversation

LoyJoy empowers teams to create meaningful interactions themselves. Get the support you need from our Customer Success Team or your preferred agency and consultancy partner.

Tasteful example of a surf brand website and embedded LoyJoy chat based service

Use Cases

Customer care & appointments

Screenshot of VRIDA, the virtual assistant of the westerwaldbank

Lead Gen & CRM integration

Screenshot of NIVEA's chat-based Advent calendar

Product & dealer finder

creenshot of Melitta's chat based product and store finder

Virtual influencer

Screenshot of Aevin a virtual influencer platform

Cashback promotion

Screenshot of a chat based cash back promotion

Easy Drag-and-Drop Building Kit

Screen capture of someone creating a chat based service quickly
  • Build powerful chat-based services lightning fast

  • Build processes with our drag-and-drop editor

  • BPMN engine to automate your business processes

  • Build once, publish on websites, Instagram and more, globally, in 30+ languages

10 of 80+ Process Modules That Make Us Unique

Calendar icon

Book meetings and send calendar invites

Integrate icon

Integrate existing systems seamlessly via API

Live agent icon

Seamlessly integrate live agents into automated processes

Image recognition icon

Use the camera for image recognition and to scan items

Refferal icon

Fully flexible loyalty program and customer referral

Safe data icon

Marketing Permission with GDPR-compliant opt-in process

Worldmap icon

Integrate existing web apps in the chat UI

Web component icon

Use web components for flexible UI elements

Process icon

Net Promoter Score Survey

Connect data icon

Connect to custom web services

Privacy-Friendly Platform

Confident looking woman with her team in the background looking into the camera
Built with GDPR-compliance in its core
Desktop computer displays data on the screen
Store data in LoyJoy, your existing database or none at all
Laptop displays lock on screen
Highest security standards with encrypted data in transit and at rest
Blurry image of a woman working on a laptop
Minimal data privacy footprint

Scalability & Rollout-Capability

World map from cork on office wall
Global rollout capabilities
Woman selecting languages in the LoyJoy backend
Multilingual (32 languages)
Cylinders of different heights symbolize varying access numbers
Scales automatically
Man checks varying access numbers on smart phone
Handles millions of chats per day


Run Chat on Websites, Instagram, WhatsApp,  Facebook

Instagram iconWhatsapp iconFacebook icon
Mockup of a chat based insurance calculator
Success Story LoyJoy
Telekom chatbot conversation

Conversations That Make People Smile

With LoyJoy, your customer journeys will convert better. But more importantly, your experiences will be wildly more enjoyable for your customers. And this joy can even be enhanced. By adding animations, quizzes, and little gamified elements.
Conversations that make your customers smile.

Build Once, Publish in 30+ Languages

Use the automatic language detection or the manual language choice to reach customers worldwide. Our chat can be translated into over 30 languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese.

Woman selecting languages in the LoyJoy backend
NIVEA live chat example

Authentication in the Chat Flow

Our integrated authentication technology allows customers to log in and recognise returning customers. Chat can distinguish between authenticated customers and unknown visitors and display different information for the two groups.
LoyJoy is also able to use existing login systems to authenticate users. Imagine customers who are logged in on your website are automatically recognised in the chat and vice versa.

In chat authentication prozess
Ulf Loetschert CEO and Founder
Ulrich Wolffgang LoyJoy CTO and Founder

"Founder-managed technology company from Münster".

100 % Developed in Münster, Germany

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