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Luica Hemsing
Customer Success
October 15, 2020
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Your LoyJoy Web App with exciting Chat Experiences & Stories

Expand your possibilities with the brand-new LoyJoy Home View!

LoyJoy Home View

This app-like view enables you to combine multiple chatbot experiences and create a rich conversational environment. Engage with your consumers, boost your KPIs by using multiple-goals experiences and publish cool stories - all on the LoyJoy Home View.

LoyJoy Story Feature

Try it out yourself on the LoyJoy platform. Create your very first Home Screen and adjust it to your wishes - flexible as always and easy to build. Our new story feature lets you present content in an exciting way. Add entertaining stories and slide right into an engaging chat experience.

Excited? Start building your first Home View now! 

How to build your LoyJoy Home View

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