🚀 Our New Release Makes BPMN Process Automation Fun

Lisa Przybilla
Marketing Manager
September 29, 2022
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Our Top 5 Highlights at a Glance

✅  Model and maintain more complex business processes with gateways.

💡  Build your chat more clearly and better understand the message flow.

🙋  Ask customers about preferences to build personalized chats.

🚀  Process editor & content editor side by side: process changes live when the content changes.

⏰  Use BPMN timers to create timed process starts.

Watch Our YouTube Video

Learn in 5 minutes how the new process editor works👇

LoyJoy's Previous Process Editor: The Challenge 🦸♀🦸♂️

During the last few weeks, we have spent much time developing the new process editor for LoyJoy – and today it is launched 🎉🎉

The ultimate goal was to develop a process editor that is easy to understand for non-tech people. At the same time, it should respect the BPMN standard.

Don't worry: No need to learn new concepts, just simply apply your knowledge to model processes using drag & drop😎.

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