Push Your Animation Game To The Next Level: New Lottie Animations

Lisa Przybilla
Marketing Manager
June 7, 2022
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With the exciting new Lottie animations, you can now increase the fun and enjoyment of your customers even more.

How to Insert Lottie Animations in 3 Steps

1. Download 👇

Choose your fav Lottie animation from hundreds of free ones or buy one. Find them on the LottieFiles Website.

2. Drag and Drop 👉 
Add the new process module "Lottie Animation" from your process editor and drag it into your experience.

3. Upload ☝️
Look for the downloaded Lottie animation and simply upload it into your experience. Enjoy!

See the Lottie Animations in Action

Click here to discover some of the new animations in the LoyJoy experience. Have fun! :)

Lottie Animations in LoyJoy Experience

Upcoming: The LoyJoy chat can soon be integrated into the page flow of a website instead of running as an overlay on a page. Stay tuned 🎉🎉

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