Create Faster: LoyJoy's New Template Store

Lisa Przybilla
Marketing Manager
May 17, 2022
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Increase your Efficiency with 28 Amazing Experiences Templates 😎

     💥 28 brand new templates

      💥 usable with one click

      💥 Shopify, Live Chat, Embedded Content, Audio & Video, and much more

The Template Store Will Help You To:

  • Save your precious time
  • Discover new experiences
  • Create experiences with just one click

How Does It Work?

You just log in to LoyJoy Cloud, click on "New experience" and select "From template". And boom💥 – 28 creative, built-in templates will show up. Choose your fav one. And all done.

Click on "From template"

The templates come at no extra cost for our customers 🌟.

Example No. 1: Audio & Video 🎧

You can now embed audio and cool videos in the chat. Let your creativity run free! Talk personally to your customers and boost your dialogue and customer connection.

If you've clicked on the "Audio & Video" template, this one will show up:

First example audio and video template

Example No. 2: Loyalty Template🏅

You can now reward your customers even faster with loyalty points for chat interactions by using the pre-built "Loyalty" template.

P.S. The template store also offers the Loyalty Reward template where customers can redeem their loyalty points for rewards.

the loyalty template

Example No. 3: Snapshot 📸

Let customers take a photo and AI image recognition tells you which category it belongs to. Challenge the AI and test its intelligence 😉.

The AI was already smart enough to recognize a dog from the LoyJoy Team.

Snapshot Template

Upcoming: The LoyJoy chat can soon be integrated into the page flow of a website instead of running as an overlay on a page. Stay tuned 🎉🎉

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