LOyJoy for Consumer BRands

Build Your Banking Assistant in No Time.

Leading Banks and financial institutions rely on LoyJoy to build direct relationships with customers. Helping and guiding customers 24/7 via chat.

Use Cases for the Banking Industry.

ChatGPT AI Question Answering

Convenient 24/7 support for your customers, increased efficiency for your teams.

Customer Care

Automate customer care processes in a self-service chat. Get there fast without coding.

Live Chat

Offer the personal touch of a live chat. Be available around the clock and chat asynchronously.

Appointment Booking

Pages optimized for search engines.

Lead Generation

A variety of dynamic interactions.

Marketing Campaigns

Forms, videos, socials and more.


Empowering Volksbanks to Boost Their Service.

With our partner zeb, the leading banking consultants in Europe, we support numerous Volksbanks in digital customer service. Answering questions via AI and the direct execution of service processes are the focal points. Case-closing solutions seamlessly via chat delight customers and reduce the pressure on service centers.

People in a bank.
People in a bank.
People in a bank.

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