Activate more digital shoppers with FMCG and CPG on-pack promotions via chat

On-pack promotions are great for bridging the gap from offline products to the online world. They are used in Trade Marketing to accelerate product growth and sales.

With LoyJoy’s chatbot, on-pack promotions also become a conversational marketing channel. 90 % of internet users regularly engage with messaging apps - leverage this powerful channel for your brand now.

Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

How a chatbot for on-pack promotions creates brand equity

AI-enhanced 1:1 marketing let's you personalize marketing

Acquire more leads and opt-ins

For consumers, engaging with promotions via chat is simple. No forms to fill out, just chatting. The chatbot can be used on Facebook Messenger, brand websites and Amazon Alexa. Engagement and conversion rates with LoyJoy are up to five times than on traditional websites with forms.

Save time and money setting up an on-pack promotion

For marketers and agencies, setting up a custom on-pack promotion chatbot and implementing it to websites and Facebook pages is done in just a few hours. LoyJoy is the most efficient way to run a promotion for FMCG and CPG brands.

Personalized marketing offers additional opportunities for cross- and up-selling
The LoyJoy Marketing Cloud seamlessly integrates into your existing CRM

No hassles for your IT department

The LoyJoy cloud also integrates seamlessly with existing systems. With our open API we easily connect to ERP, PIM, CRM or other databases. Implementation takes days rather than months.

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Example codes

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