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Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

Excite your customers every day

Use a LoyJoy Advent calendar to address your customers every day during Advent season and inspire them with your content. Your customers can subscribe to a daily reminder and participate comfortably from any device with a log-in link. The customers are thrilled and stay on board for the entire duration.

Read now how Savencia successfully employed our Advent calendar

In the whitepaper you will learn how
  • the advent calendar works
  • the customers were delighted
  • the experience was emotionalised
  • the customers have reacted

Highlights of our Advent calendar chatbots

Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

Gamified experience

Opening an Advent calendar door becomes more fun every day with animations, emojis and fun GIFs.

Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

Easy to build

No need for complex planning and programming. Use our backend system to conveniently build your Advent calendar. Customize texts, prizes, images and more.

Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

Better performance

Your customers use chat all the time. We have proven that chatbot-based raffles with LoyJoy perform 50 % better in regard to conversion and opt-in generation.

Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

Fully featured

Customize the look and feel and each message of your Advent calendar. Send an optional daily reminder to your customers.

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