Introducing Conversational BPMN

A new paradigm to automate processes on chat and voice interfaces

Communication has shifted dramatically in just a few years and moved into chat. Additionally, voice technology is the fastest growing consumer technology of all time. Customers also lose interest in talking to companies via phone.

Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

Move from experiments to real business processes

For companies it is imperative to become part of the digital conversational via chat and voice. Many have adopted chat channels for their customer service, recently adding chatbot capabilities and are trying out the field of custom voice skills.

At LoyJoy we believe it’s time to leave the field of experimentation and take the step to offer real value to customer beyond just answering service requests. Offering access to core business processes on the channels customer prefer. Accelerate customer adoption and maximise efficiency.

BPMN process

Build custom BPMN models or upload existing models

That’s why the team is proud to release Conversational BPMN, combining the widest adopted standard for Business Process Modeling and Automation, BPMN 2.0, with our Conversational Marketing Platform. Many enterprises already have their processes modeled in BPMN and LoyJoy empowers them to move their processes into conversations fast.

It’s as simple as uploading the BPMN model files into the LoyJoy cloud and adopt them for conversational automation. Developers can optionally use JavaScript commands to extend the capabilities and directly access LoyJoy features like animations.

BPMN process engine

Use LoyJoy’s built analytics, gamification and CRM capabilities in custom processes

All of the ready-built conversational experiences on LoyJoy, like lead qualifications, raffles and loyalty programs, are also built as BPMN models and can be customised accordingly (LoyJoy Pro and Enterprise plans only).

The core strengths of LoyJoy, namely simplicity in adoption, fully automated chatbot conversations, our unique independent web chat and integrated gamification are made available within BPMN process models out-of-the-box.

Built once, use on every channel

Of course each process model can be published across different conversational channels. The platforms WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Home are currently supported. The LoyJoy web chat, based on progressive web app technology, supports integration into any of website, web-based software systems like customer portals and social media channels like Instagram. You can check out the technology live on the LoyJoy website.

The LoyJoy cloud stores your customer data GDPR-compliant in its built-in CRM database, drives lead generation and opt-ins. It also offers live analytics on your custom processes.

As an enterprise solution, LoyJoy can integrate with existing databases and software systems. We offer an RESTful API that enable access to all of LoyJoy features and data from external systems.

Create your own conversational experience in just a few minutes

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