Experience the first cloud platform for gamified 1:1 conversational marketing

LoyJoy's cloud platform for conversational marketing establishes an automated and incentivized dialogue between consumers and brands. Marketers can easily customize and implement chatbots on messaging apps, websites and voice devices.

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Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

Start the dialogue with your customers on your website, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and Alexa

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Consumers choose their favorite channel to engage in the conversation. LoyJoy offers a seamless experience on messaging apps, websites and voice devices. Marketers and agencies customize the chatbots according their marketing strategy.

LoyJoy follows a simple, yet powerful formula to attract and loyalize consumers for brands.

Chatbots + Incentives + Predictive Messaging → Sustainable 1:1 Relationships.

Better acquisition

Simplify user on-boarding. No download, no installation, no forms to fill out.

Higher retention

Establish a sustainable customer relationship by offering incentives and easy redemption.

More cross-selling

Reach out to your customers with personalized campaigns with opening rates near 100%.

Complex made easy with the LoyJoy marketing backend

LoyJoy offers an out-of-the-box solution for 1:1 marketing. Our management backend enables brand marketers to efficiently manage consumer relationships.

LoyJoy Manager Backend

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100% free | no credit card | cancel any time

Key strengths

Cloud platform

Cloud platform

LoyJoy is ready to use instantly and globally, without installation, directly from the cloud. Worldwide locations are available.



LoyJoy is multi-tenant capable, multilingual and scalable for global scenarios with millions of customers. Customize it to your needs.

Channel integration

Channel integration

We handle all the complexity and constantly evolving features of the platforms. For example, Facebook Messenger contains table-like UI components that other Messenger apps don’t offer. LoyJoy enables brands to use the best possible solution on each platform.

Channel independence

Channel independence

With our messaging middleware, we abstract from channel implementation specifics. This enables LoyJoy to be integrated into different channels such as your website, your app, messenger apps, SMS and voice with a single implementation.

Dialog manager

Dialog manager

Today, most conversational solutions lack contextual memory. If you ask for the capital of France, and then ask for the weather there, chances are, that the bot won’t find an answer. Our integrated dialogue manager is preventing this and is able to hold a conversation.


Natural language processing (NLP)

Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, LoyJoy understands questions and commands that are entered via natural language. Enabled by our own AI technology including deep neural networks. LoyJoy is independent from third-party NLP services.

See how LoyJoy chatbots revolutionise marketing in your industry

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Product registration chatbots for Consumer goods brands →
Loyalty chatbots instead of cards for Retail brands →

Feature highlights

Conversational marketing

  • check Run loyalty promotions, programs, giveaways out-of-the-box
  • checkCustomize in 4 simple steps
  • check Multi-channel push campaigns (chat, web, app, email)
  • check Campaign target group management
  • check CRM database
  • check Analytics

Natural language processing

  • check Multichannel integration (web, Facebook, app, voice)
  • check Multilanguage (English, German, inquire for more for free)
  • check Customizable chat flow and wording
  • check Customizable and predefined chatbot NLP intents
  • check AI image recognition (add-on)
  • check Predictive messaging based on data and user behavior (add-on)

Cloud platform

  • check Global hosting capabilities
  • check Multi-tenant ready (for multi-brands and agencies)
  • check Scalable platform for millions of users
  • check Prepared for GDPR (European general data privacy regulation)
  • check Programmable API (please inquire for details)
  • check Connection to third-party tools like CRM and Marketing Automation (please inquire for details)

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