Experience how the LoyJoy Cloud turns your marketing into a dialogue

With LoyJoy, your team can immediately get started with ready-built chatbot experiences. Plus, any complex business process can be automated with LoyJoy in the form of a chatbot dialog.

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Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

Start the dialogue with your customers on your websites, portals, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and Alexa

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Consumers choose their favorite channel to engage in the conversation. LoyJoy offers a seamless experience on messaging apps, websites and voice devices. Marketers and agencies customize the chatbots according their marketing strategy.

LoyJoy combines digital dialogue with gamification, which excites your customers on a long-term basis and increases loyalty.

Complex chatbot processes made easy with the LoyJoy marketing backend

Create chatbot dialogues in your LoyJoy backend. You have full control. Built-in live analytics for instant success measurement, a GDPR-compliant customer database, ready-made chatbots for customization or freely configurable processes in the BPMN standard and campaign management for sending push messages and emails to your customers.

LoyJoy Manager Backend

Key strengths

Cloud platform

Cloud platform

LoyJoy is ready for use immediately and worldwide, without installation, directly from the cloud. Just register and get started. You have a free trial period.



LoyJoy is multi-tenant-capable, multilingual (currently English, German, French, Dutch and Italian) and has already proven to be scalable for global scenarios with millions of customers.

Channel integration

Channel integration

We handle all the complexity and constantly evolving features of the platforms. For example, Facebook Messenger contains table-like UI components that other Messenger apps don’t offer. LoyJoy enables brands to use the best possible solution on each platform.

Channel independence

Channel independence

With our messaging middleware, we abstract from channel implementation specifics. This enables LoyJoy to be integrated into different channels such as your website, your app, messenger apps, SMS and voice with a single implementation.

Dialog manager

Highest security standards

Encrypted data transmission and data storage are a standard. We also offer two-factor authentication. We use the most secure method with hardware tokens. The same standard is also used for increased security on Google, Facebook and many other platforms.


Natural language processing

Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, LoyJoy understands questions and commands that are entered via natural language. Enabled by our own AI technology including deep neural networks. LoyJoy is independent from third-party NLP services.

Find out how LoyJoy chatbots are revolutionizing different industries

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LoyJoy Cloud Feature Highlights

Conversational marketing

  • check Customizable experiences such as sweepstakes, NPS surveys, Advent calendars and much more
  • checkProcess editor in BPMN standard
  • check Campaign management for push and email
  • check Customer database with opt-in management
  • check Integrated Live Analytics
  • check Integrated Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence

  • check Train your own AI
  • check Multilingual DE EN FR IT NL (request other languages free of charge)
  • check Integrated training data for typical enquiries
  • check Receive photos in chat and analyse the content
  • check AI image recognition for sales receipts
  • check Add more abilities to the AI

Cloud platform

  • check Immediately usable worldwide
  • check Multitenant capability
  • check Scalable to millions of customers
  • check GDPR-compliant
  • check Programmable API
  • check Connectivity to CRM systems and marketing automation

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