LoyJoy empowers retail brands to engage in true 1:1 dialogues with digital shoppers

Retail brands are suffering from accelerating e-commerce adoption and need to find new ways to connect with digital shoppers.

Use LoyJoy to engage consumers via chatbots on messaging apps, voice devices and your websites. LoyJoy is your new conversational CRM cloud platform.

Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing

Use incentives to acquire consumer data and opt-ins

Loyalty programs via chat instead of cards

Loyalty promotions or programs are great for long-term engagement. Today they suffer from lost loyalty cards, complex sign-up processes and a lack of digital engagement. LoyJoy moves your loyalty card into a simple chat interface.

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Gamified chatbot instead of loyalty card
Chatbot giveaways activate consumers

Giveaways via chatbot

Giveaways are great to engage consumers. With LoyJoy, brands create giveaways with ease and obtain consumer data and GDPR-compliant opt-ins. LoyJoy simplifies giveaways for consumers and marketers. Marketers can get rid of complex forms and take a conversational approach instead. Via chat they acquire more leads and achieve exceptional conversion rates.

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The LoyJoy Marketing Cloud seemlessly integrates into existing CRMs

LoyJoy integrates into existing IT infrastructure

LoyJoy is build from the ground up for the enterprise. Thanks to our API we connect seamlessly with existing CRM, ERP, databases, marketing and campaign management tools.

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