FMCG & CPG brands use LoyJoy to engage with digital shoppers in 1:1 conversations

FMCG and CPG brands are suffering from declining mass media adoption. They need to find to new ways to reach digital shoppers.

LoyJoy lets brands create chatbot-based experiences in minutes and easily publish it on websites, Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa.

Chatbot 1-to-1 Marketing
Gamified chatbot instead of loyalty card

Consumers have fundamentally shifted their conversations into digital

Move your marketing to the channels that matter today. Consumer engage heavily in conversations on messaging apps and voice devices. LoyJoy provides a simplified solutions to engage in automated personalised dialogues with consumers.

Our solutions for FMCG & CPG brands

Giveaways via chatbot

Giveaways are great to engage consumers and with LoyJoy they are also the starting point to collect data and GDPR-compliant opt-ins. LoyJoy makes it simple for consumers and marketers. Forget about complex forms and take a fresh approach for more leads and higher conversion.

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Chatbot giveaways activate consumers
Gamified chatbot instead of loyalty card

Loyalty promotions & programs via chatbot

Loyalty promotions or programs are great for long-term engagement. Today they suffer from complex sign-up processes, lost passwords and unintuitive user interfaces. LoyJoy puts loyalty into a simple chat. LoyJoy lets brands stay in touch with consumers via mobile push, voice or email.

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See how it works for your consumers

Wonder, what a LoyJoy chatbot looks like? Just give it a try here. Of course you can customise every bit of it to fit your needs.

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Example codes

xtkotkx0, 6sqrn62i, zekcg7m7, 0hu3dbn0, 9hayty1c, 2hcxt0vi, p3kjvspa, y62h5icq, bme7eekf, kd2iwobw, 0f46vhsx, c89vmkfl, a5b91yrq, pb6vml6r, 6kbzl6oy, 66lew3ka, be6vf60f, 3gztamci, dmtcpa9c, gb0r2ea0

Effective consumer activation

The chatbot directly addresses the user and can simply be controlled with buttons.

Gamified experience

Entering a code via text or snapshot is rewarded instantly.

Simplified sign up

To redeem benefits users simply enter their email address. The ongoing dialogue enables collecting more data subsequently.

The LoyJoy Cloud, your conversational CRM platform

Rely on a easy-to-use and scalable foundation for your new conversational CRM. Get your chatbot giveaway, loyalty program, promotion, and product registration up and running in no time. Embed the chatbot into your website, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Amazon Alexa.

LoyJoy Manager Backend


From 1 to millions of consumers, the LoyJoy cloud scales with your needs.


Consumers and marketers enjoy a convenient and lightning-fast experience.


LoyJoy supports GDPR out-of-the-box for future-proof permission marketing.


Just follow 4 simple steps in our chatbot wizard and your foolproof bot is ready to launch.

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