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We Enable 1-to-1 Relationships for Consumer Brands with Loyalty Chatbots

What is LoyJoy?

LoyJoy is an enterprise-ready cloud platform that empowers brands to run loyalty programs, promotions and prize games via chatbot on Messaging apps and websites. Thus, we enable brands to grow sustainable 1-to-1 relationships with consumers through an automated dialog.

LoyJoy's marketer backend lets marketers manage 1-to-1 relationships with ease. And thanks to machine learning, LoyJoy is highly automated and efficient.

How LoyJoy works - chatbot frontend

See how LoyJoy offers consumers loyalty programs and promotions within a simple automated dialog.

Chatbot on-boarding simplified

Step 1

Consumer simply opens a LoyJoy-powered chatbot in a messaging app or on a website.

Step 2

Consumer proves purchase by sending text or photo of a package code, product serial number or sales receipt.

Step 3

Consumer receives benefits or participates in prize games, all within the dialog.

Step 4

Brands establish a permanent 1-to-1 channel to consumers for loyalty and cross-selling offers.

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Brands' out-of-the-box solution for 1-to-1 marketing

The LoyJoy cloud platform enables marketers of consumer brands to efficiently manage 1-to-1 relationships.

LoyJoy Backend Screenshot

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LoyJoy use case examples

There are endless possibilities for brands to build 1-to-1 relationships with LoyJoy. Here are some use cases we like.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs and promotions

LoyJoy supports simple to complex loyalty mechanics out-of-the-box. Proof of purchase can be provided by sending in text or pictures via chat (e.g. on-pack codes, QR codes, barcodes and sales receipts). Our AI image recognition technology validates photos automatically.

Product registration

Product registration

Simplify product registration with a chatbot and automated proof of purchase. Boost user adoption and establish a permanent 1-to-1 channel with customers. Promote cross-selling and send product updates direct to customers.

Prize games

Prize games and competitions

Engage customers with prize games. LoyJoy simplifies setting up and promoting prize games and competitions. For customers, the interaction with the LoyJoy chatbot makes participation simple and fun. Brands and customers are connected 1-to-1 in a dialog channel.

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