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Welcome to LoyJoy
We connect brands & consumers through 1-to-1 conversations
We collect data and use AI for extreme personalization
How does it work?
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Discover Conversational Loyalty

LoyJoy uses artificial intelligence to establish a 1-to-1 conversational loyalty program for consumer brands


Instead of a one-way advertising, we allow for a two-way loyalty conversation. Consumers can ask questions that get automatically answered by our chatbot. The other way around, brands can ask consumers, e. g. about their preferences. The probabilty to receive an answer is way higher on a conversation channel, and can be even higher when incentives for loyalty are offered.


We support natively conversational channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Amazon Alexa. Additionally, we make existing channels like websites, apps and even e-mail converstaional, too. Customers can chose their favorite channel and switch between them anytime. This is the end of infamous "noreply" e-mails.


Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), we dont need a physical loyalty card to let customers redeem points. Customers just a send a picture of a sales receipt or on-pack code to our chatbot. Advanced image recognition technology analyzes and validates the proof of purchase automatically and in no time. Customers get immediate feedback about the rewards they collected. Loyalty skyrockets!


Send offers and incentives to whom they really matter and never annoy your customers with standard messages. The more data your brand accumulates through LoyJoy, the better the targeting becomes. LoyJoy is not one loyalty program for all your customers, it’s one loyalty program for each one of your customers.

Percentage of daily Google searches via voice
No. of Amazon Alexa Skills in the U.S.
No. of Amazon Alexa devices in U.S. households (in million)
Percentage of growth of Facebook Messenger users in 3 years

Conversational Loyalty use cases

Learn about how we implement Conversational Loyalty for consumer brands

Loyalty programs and promotions for FMCG and CPG brands

For FMCG and CPG brands it's tough to get direct access to their consumers. LoyJoy enables those brands a direct and sustainable 1-to-1 channel to consumers. Brands can establish a conversational loyalty program without a loyalty card. AI handles the 1-to-1 dialog at scale.

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Product registration for consumer brands

Today's product registration process is complicated and boring. Brands can make it a lively experience by using the LoyJoy multichannel chatbot technology. After purchase, consumers register their products by simply sending a picture of their proof of purchase to our chatbot.

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Why did we build LoyJoy as a conversational platform?

We are experiencing a global paradigm shift in human-computer interaction. Voice- and text-driven conversational experiences are growing rapidly. Facebook Messenger has just passed 1.2 Billion monthly active users, Amazon Echo was already sold 12 million times in just 2 years.

Loyalty without the hassle

On Conversational platforms customers are already logged in. No need to sign up again, no need to learn a new user interface. Forgotten password to login to your loyalty program? Left your loyalty card at home? These daunting problems are gone. With LoyJoy, customers get easy access to your brands loyalty program, anywhere and anytime.

Convenience is the key to winning customers for loyalty programs and promotions. With LoyJoy's conversational interface, consumers don’t have to learn how to handle the loyalty program anymore, because they use natural language to achieve their goals. Artificial Intelligence technology for the first time allows to effortlessly scale personalized dialogues.

Be prepared for the gatekeepers

Personal assistants like Alexa will become the gatekeeper of access to your customers. Can you afford to miss this opportunity to connect with your customers?

Mobile Conversational Loyalty

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